Why Politicians Order Police to Stand Down

We continue to see police standing down in the face of violent protests, riots, and allowing free and lawful speech suppressed in the Trump era.  One wonders, how can that be?  One might have assumed the Trump administration would create a climate supportive of law enforcement, rule of law, and equal justice.  How many times did we hear Trump say: “We’ve-got-your-back” to the brave men and women in blue?  With former President Obama’s hands safely off the levers of government, we expected a return to the Bill of Rights.  President Trump was supposed to support police who were otherwise too afraid to act for fear of political retaliation.


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As a constitutional conservative, I do not want Trump to exert pressure on local governments. I don’t want the Trump administration forcing ideological conformity on police departments as Obama was doing.  I have no reason to believe Trump is exerting pressure on local governments.

The problem with law enforcement is NOT Trump. And the problem is NOT police.

The problem is Leftist politicians. In this case, local Leftist politicians such as commissioners, mayors, city councils, and governors.

Here are the THREE reasons why Leftist local politicians are ordering police to stand down in the face of violent protests/counter-protests, riots, suppression of free speech, and hindering access to lawful political rallies. (I was a kooky Leftist for years before seeing the light of liberty.)



Leftist politicians see themselves as doting parents of the populace. That’s correct: if you are not a politician, you are a child to Leftist politicians.  Patronizing, I know.  You’ve seen liberal parents.  They’re permissive; afraid to set boundaries and limitations on their children’s behavior for fear their children won’t like them or it will limit their children’s potential.  Their kids rarely suffer consequences for misbehaving.   These parents sooner send their kids to a psychologists than spank, punish, ground, or reprimand them.

These are the parents who aren’t really parents at all. They want their son’s and daughter’s to think of them as a friend, not a parent.  These parents strive to be the “cool” mom or dad.  As parents, their greatest fear is hearing “I hate you!” from their child;  similarly, as politician, their greatest fear is hearing “You’re a racist!” from the populace.  They cannot uphold the law equally for fear of being called a racist, sexists, or homophobe.  They bemoan, “My children will hate me!”  Hence, the law is not upheld equally.

These parents are the participation-trophy parents who are scared to death that instances of failure weaken a child psychologically rather than challenge youngsters to greater accomplishment.



This is an old saw from the 60s. You can’t trust anyone over 30 because by thirty years of age political ideals have been tainted by “the man.”  It’s a cry against authority—any authority.  Authority is tricky for Leftists to navigate.  They simultaneous despise it, while they need it.  YOU can’t be trusted with authority; only THEY can be trusted with authority.

The Left needs authority— consolidated centralized control of government—in order to accomplish their goals.  Which you’ll LOVE, once we get to utopia, they promise.

So, the Left loves and hates authority. Many Leftist feel so much hatred for authority they, like the Liberal Parents, loathe to use it—even to quell politically-charged violence.  Anarchists spring from this well, but theirs is more a case of rebellion against a childhood of abuse, I suspect.

Violence is born of the Left. Quelling it just doesn’t give Leftists that groovy feeling.



This is where we get to the extreme. Unfortunately, this is common among Leftists in America, even among local politicians.  They hate America for which it stands.  They see America as a slave-owning, imperialistic, carbon-spewing, insensitive lot of money-grubbing corporations polluting and destroying the world with its self-indulgence.  The sooner America is burned to the ground, the better!  Better for the world and better for everyone.

America is atrocious, so let the atrocities feed on America. Let the monster devour itself.  Let looters loot.  America has it coming to her.  Like the reverend cheered, America’s chickens are coming home to roost.

Generally haters on the Left, particularly local politicians, are simply ignorant of historical facts or dishonest with themselves. Or both.



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