Why Obama Can’t Fire Sebelius

The rollout of the ObamaCare website is a disaster.  The website is a disaster.  ObamaCare itself is a socialist disaster.  President Obama’s proposed fix is a disaster, if not unconstitutional.  Three years in the making and hundreds of millions of dollars later, the website doesn’t work.  Worse, millions of Americans are losing their current insurance plans because of ObamaCare rules.  And the person charged with the responsibility of managing the ObamaCare rollout and website is Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius.  Yet Sebelius still has her job.

Obama did not fire his U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for the ill-conceived Fast and Furious scandal and cover-up that left Border Patrol Agent Terry dead.  Obama did not fire his Secretary of State Clinton for the botched defense and cover-up of the Bengazi attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Stevens and three others.  The list goes on and on.  One scandal after the next in this administration and no one is fired, not even IRS’s head of the exempt organization division Lois Learner for targeting Tea Party groups.  Ms. Learner was forced to resign by public pressure.  I don’t believe for one minute Obama would have fired Ms. Learner by his own choice.

Now we have Kathleen Sebelius.  Obama has yet to ask Sebelius to resign.  He may do so, but only under public pressure—not by his own volition.  How can this be?  President Obama is surely embarrassed by the botched rollout of his signature legislation ObamaCare.  I believe he is embarrassed.  I think he intended for the website to open smoothly and be a surprising hit with many Americans.

Does Obama prefer and want a “single payer” healthcare system instead of ObamaCare?  Yes, of course he does.  He said as much many times before elected President.  He’s a Marxist.  (Just as a reminder, “single payer” system is code language for government-run socialized medicine.)  Single payer system is Obama’s goal for America in his term or in Hillary Clinton’s presidential term beginning 2016. But as far as the website rollout this year goes, I think he expected it to go smoothly;  you can tell by the way we was unprepared to react to the website’s disastrous launch.  The botched launch was not planned.

But Obama won’t fire Sebelius unless public outcry is loud and clear.  He won’t because he is a Leftist.  Leftist believe government is the answer to all human woes.  For the Leftist, human woes are caused by businesses, companies, enterprises, corporation, money and capitalism.  Leftists hate capitalism.  They hate businesses, usually large businesses.  They hate corporate executives, board members, management.  Villains all.  The enemy.  Leftists equate “making a buck” with greed.  Profit is an evil word in the religion of Leftists.

To the Leftist, the business world is the bad guy.  To the Leftist, government is the good guy.  Government will fix everything.  That’s why the Leftist love creating layer upon layer of business regulations on the business world.  “Choke the life out of corporations!” they scream.  This worship of government is also why Leftists like BIG government.  “Bigger the better!”  Leftist make and make and make all kinds of new positions for bureaucrats;  the Left calls these government positions “jobs.” Constitutional Conservatives don’t call them jobs.  To us the conservative, an actual real job creates a product or service that others pay money to have or use.  Real jobs make money.  Bureaucrats don’t make money—their salaries are paid by tax dollars from people who have REAL jobs.  But I digress.

Leftists don’t like the idea of winners and losers.  In capitalism we have winners and losers.  In capitalism one takes a risk.  If your risk goes well you are rewarded.  If your risk goes sour you accept responsibility for your loses.  Leftists don’t like either reward or loss.  They want everyone to “win.”  That’s why, to them, responsibility should be “shared” by everyone. Leftists hate responsibility—taking responsibility nor delegating responsibility.

To Obama, Kathleen Sebelius is not responsible for the disastrous ObamaCare rollout.  Obama and Sebelius are both Leftists.  They don’t think they’ve done anything wrong.  They were “only trying to help people get free health care.”  Obama and Sebelius ultimately are wondering why people are so upset, because Obama and Sebelius’ “hearts are in the right place.”

You see, motive is everything to Leftists.  In their opinion, their motive is good and pure and for your own good.  Their motive is to give you “free” health care.  “Isn’t that a good thing?” they argue.   “Why don’t the people love us?” Leftists say.  “Look what we are giving them!  Why don’t they love us and worship us?”

Leftists live in an imaginary world.  They look forward to that glorious day when all will be utopia on planet earth, and we’ll all live like the blue people in Avatar.  No winners.  No losers.  No money.  No corporations.  No corporate executives.  No Wall Street.  No profit.  And everyone gets a “participation trophy.”

The reason President Obama has not and will not fire HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius is because she did nothing wrong in his eyes.  She was only fighting the good fight to end the evil insurance industry and give “free” health care to all Americans.  She’s not a website manager.  She’s not a business woman any more than Obama is a business man.  Obama can’t fire Sebelius because he and she are comrades fighting the good fight to end capitalism.




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