Why Leftists LOVE “Freedom of Speech”

Leftists prize the freedom of speech provision in our 1st Amendment, and rightfully so.  The U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment has two provisions.  The first provision, the first half of the amendment, protects freedom of religion.  The second half of the amendment protects freedom of speech.  It’s the “freedom of speech” provision that fires the imagination of Leftists.  You notice that?  The Leftists LOVE our freedom of speech.  They adore it, defend it, and protect it.  And thank God for that—we Constitutional Conservatives don’t have to defend that freedom by ourselves.

The question arises though, why do Leftists LOVE that provision in the 1st Amendment so dearly.  Ironically, it’s the Leftists who push to re-write our Constitution.  They constantly push to re-interpret it, re-make it, defy it, dismiss it, water it down, abrogate and destroy it.  So, why are Leftists so vehement about this ONE provision of ONE amendment to our Constitution?  When it comes to defending freedom of religion, freedom to bear arms, privacy rights, and state’s rights, you can’t find a Leftist anywhere.  But freedom of speech?  Well, they’ll bring Molotov cocktails to that party!

Why the odd enthusiasm of the Leftists over this ONE provision of ONE amendment to the Constitution?  Why cherish one and not all freedoms afforded us in that founding document?  The answer I believe is in the Leftists’ motives.  Their motive is to transform our constitutional republic and capitalist economy into a godless state-run socialist utopia.  To accomplish their ends, they must be able to speak out freely against our nation’s founding principles.  They’ve been railing against it for 100 years.  Ironic, is it not?  The means to their ends lay in the very freedom they hope to end—free speech.  They need freedom of speech to rail against our constitutional republic.

I expect, once they’ve reached their goal of establishing their socialist utopia, freedom of speech will no longer be useful to them.

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