Who Voted to Re-Elect Boehner House Speaker?

Curiously I had a lot of trouble on the web trying to find names of Republican House members who voted to re-elect John Boehner the Speaker.  It’s easy to find the list of those few Republicans who had the courage to vote against Boehner.  But try to find a list of those who voted for this guy.

Who re-elected this spineless establishment “leader” of the peoples’ House, Boehner?  Better yet, who among so-called conservative House members voted for this guy?  Who, indeed, consider themselves among the 48 members of the Tea-Party Caucus in the House of Representatives and yet voted to re-elect John Boehner?

I have the list (for your 2016 voting pleasure):

Barton  TX

Bilirakis  FL

Bishop  UT

Black  TN

Burgess  TX

Coffman  CO

Crenshaw  FL

Culberson  TX

Farenthold  TX

Fincher  TN

Fleming  LA

Franks  AZ

Hartzler  MO

Jenkins  KS

Lamborn  CO

Luetemeyer  MO

Lummis  WY

Marchant  TX

McClintock  CA

McKinley WV

Mulvaney  SC

Neugebauer  TX

Palazzo  MS

Pearce  NM

Poe  TX

Price  GA

Roe  TN

Ross  FL

Royce  CA

Scalise  LA

Schweikert  AZ

Sessions  TX

Smith NE

Smith  TX

Walberg MI

Westmoreland GA

Wilson  SC

246 seats of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives are now occupied by Republicans.  John Boehner won re-election to the House Speaker by receiving 216 votes last Tuesday, all of which were Republicans.  That is, 216 out of 246 Republicans voted to re-elect Boehner.

Turncoats all!





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