When Good Men Do Nothing


Thank you to all Subscribers and Visitors of ProdigalSonsOfLiberty.com!  I’ve been away from posting regular articles and cartoons for good reason.  I’ve been distracted by recent decisions. The consequence thereof has kept me very very busy. It’s in this article I’m going to share my decision.

I’ve decided to run for public office.

I can think of 10 good reasons why I want to hold public office.  But I can think of 100 reasons why I don’t.

Honestly, the “don’ts” are a collection of personal fears, sacrifices, and inconveniences.  Furthermore, I’m not an extrovert.  I’m not an A-type personality.  I’m a private person, not a public person.   I cherish my privacy and anonymity.  Being the center of attention makes me very uncomfortable.

I’ve had a passionate interest in government, politics, and history since the 1980’s. Yes, I’ve wondered many times—especially on election nights—“Why haven’t I run for office?”

Readers of ProdigalSonsOfLiberty.com know my mind about the coming economic upheaval unfolding across the globe.  Why not just “hunker in the bunker” and wait for the catastrophe to run its course before injecting myself into a leadership role in the aftermath?

It’s true, there is no stopping the coming economic tsunami.  I have no delusions anyone can stop, prevent, or blunt the blow that’s coming.  It’s a 100-year storm, 100 years in the making.  The best one can do is prepare for it, brace for it, ask God for strength and guidance, help one another, understand its causes, and work to prevent it from happening again.

I’m running for office because I want to be part of the solution.  I want to be one of the instruments of good, of light, in the midst of the storm and its aftermath.  In the dislocation that’s coming, the darkness of the Left will try stepping in as “savior.”   NOT ON MY WATCH—election or no election!  Give me liberty or give me death!

I’m running for office because, if I don’t do the small part I think God intends for me, I couldn’t live with the regret of denying Him.  “Who do YOU say I Am?”

I cannot know what my role is, exactly.  None of us do.  I’m not officially declared yet.  I’m taking this one day at a time.  I fully intend to run.  I’ve made a beginning.  But, who knows?  Two or three or six months from now God may indicate this is not His intention for me.  And I’m OK with that; like I said, I can think of 100 reasons I DON’T want to hold this office.

The whole decision to run for office came as a surprise to me this spring.  I wasn’t planning it, or even contemplating it.  Particularly for the office I’m seeking.  I always suspected politics was in the cards for me some time down the road.  I was open to it.  But this decision hit me like a brick out of nowhere.

And believe me, it feels like the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

Thus far I’ve created my campaign platform, launched my campaign website, opened a Twitter account, created my campaign literature, notified Tea Party and Republican groups around my state of my intentions, and gave my first campaign speech at a local Tea Party meeting.

I intend to connect/link ProdigalSonsOfLiberty.com to my campaign website soon.  But, I want to let you guys know first.

And yes, I realize my candor and honesty on PSOL will raise a few brows.  I have 3 years of material on this website that my political opponents may presume useful.  There is not one single idea or article here I would deny.  It’s all honest.  I own it all.  Honesty is the handrail on the road of God’s will for us.  God, grant me the strength to hold fast!

We don’t shirk from honesty when being honest hurts us;  we only shirk from complete honesty when we know it may needlessly harm others.

Why connect the 2 websites?  Integrity.

Thanks again to you.  With each Visit and new Subscriber on PSOL I am encouraged to speak more boldly and humbly.   To God goes all the glory.



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