What is Bernie’s Democratic Socialism?


Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders claimsBernie Sanders he is not a socialist, but is a “democratic socialist.” Hillary Clinton identifies herself as a “progressive.” What’s the difference? And what is liberalism? What is communism? Marxism? What is National Socialism, i.e. Nazism?  Answer: they are all sterile blossoms of the same fruitless tree—Leftists. In fact, many of the labels mean exactly the same thing; so, as Hillary likes to say, what difference does it make anyway!

Every nation has a GOVERNING system and an ECONOMIC system. Governing systems determine who has the rightful authority to make decisions affecting all citizens. Economic systems determine who has the rightful authority how goods and services are produced and traded among all citizens.

America’s GOVERNING system was Founded as a “constitutional federal republic.” Our ECONOMIC system was Founded as a “free-enterprise capitalist” system. Tragically, our governing and economic systems barely resemble the sparkling jewel cut 239 years ago, thanks to 100 years of pernicious efforts by the Left. What we have today in America is a governing system more akin to a corrupted non-constitutional national oligarchy. And our economic system is semi-socialist. If you like the governing and economic systems we have today, you are a NOT constitutional conservative.

A political science professor will tell you democratic socialism is a country whose governing system is vaguely democratic in nature and the economic system is socialistic in nature. Decisions are rendered by majority vote of the voters, and decisions in the market place are rendered largely by the government, i.e. elected officials and bureaucrats.

Examining the various nuances between liberalism, progressivism, communism, Marxism, and Nazism will have to wait for another day. Let’s stay focused on Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialism.

A nation’s GOVERNING and ECONOMIC systems are intimately tied together. The important thing is HOW the two systems are tied together. In America, our governing and economic systems are tied by a common bond: individual liberty, in which God is the author and authority. Individual liberty binds our governing and economic systems together inextricably.

America’s two systems cannot exist without each other. Our constitutional federal republic cannot live without free-enterprise capitalism; and free-enterprise capitalism cannot live outside a constitutional federal republic. In other words, America dies if it changes to a socialist economic system. A slow painful death.

The economic system of socialism, however, can link itself to nearly every other possible governing system known to man. Like a leach, it attaches itself indiscriminately to and sucks the life out of any living organism. It’s pernicious. Individual liberty, God-given rights, unalienable rights, property rights, free speech, right to bear arms, privacy, habeas corpus, independent and honest money system, etc., have no place in a socialist system—they stand as obstacles to the success of socialist economies.

A socialist economic system and governing system are inextricably linked by governing authority, i.e. man’s authority. Whereby, men of authority calculate, direct, predict, and enforce all aspects how goods and services are produced and how they are traded among all citizens. For “your own good” of course.

Here is the NON-egg-headed-professor explanation of the difference between socialism and democratic socialism:  There is no difference.  They are one in the same. Bernie Sanders is using the term “democratic socialism” instead of “socialism” because it sounds better to American ears. How bad can it be? It sounds reasonable and acceptable to Americans after 100 years of Leftist indoctrination in media, schools, and Hollywood. America is a democracy anyway, right?

Wrong. Let me be the first to give you the bad news: America is NOT a democracy. Never was. Never has been. Our Founders detested and feared democracies. For good reasons.

Bernie Sanders is taking a bold chance Americans—especially the younger—are interested in trying this “modern, evolutionary, and fair” democratic socialism. Let me also be the first to give you more bad news: America is one President away from socialism.

And if you don’t like socialism now, wait, it gets worse. Just ask Europe.
photo credit: Bernie Sanders in Blue via photopin (license)

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