Walmart Food Stamp Mob, the Real Zombie Apocalypse

The “children” of the Leftist welfare state.  These are the people I fear most.  In a systemic failure of authority, food and water distribution, or welfare benefits—temporary or prolonged—I expect uncontrollable  mobs.

Saturday, the Xerox company who manages food stamp debit cards had an electronic failure.  The glitch affected food stamp users in 13 states across the nation.  Sadly, many users were unable to use their cards for legitimate purchases Saturday.  However, at a Walmart in Louisiana, the cards were accepted by as having no limit.  Word got out and the store was mobbed by food stamp  shoppers loading carts with food and merchandise all charged to their “no limit” food stamp debit cards.  One woman reportedly collected $700 worth of merchandise, but who in reality had less than a dollar to spend on her food stamp card.  Shelves were emptied in 2 hours.  Police were called to quell the frenzy.  When Xerox discovered the error, “shoppers” who didn’t make it to the register and out the door in time with their stolen goods had to abandon their overflowing carts in the store.

We’re not just talking about people struggling during a historic economic downturn;  we’re talking about fully two generations of welfare dependence of millions of Americans.  Millions!  Children of the welfare state.  Healthy adults depending completely on welfare whose parents were completely dependent on welfare.  Depending on government handouts is an insidious evil on the welfare recipient.  In this respect the government is like a cocaine dealer.  More cocaine does not solve the addict’s problem.  But the addict will always vote for the dealer.

Dependence on government handouts, like drug addiction, destroys our sense of self-worth, redirects our creativity, stunts character development, smashes our human dignity, and inhibits building faith in an all-loving generous merciful personal God.  But, why take a chance with God when the government is printing me free money!

Of course, I’m not talking about folks who need a temporary hand up to get through a rough patch of misfortune.  Most American taxpayers will readily give up a few bucks to help one another, the sick, the blind, the elderly, the young, the hungry, and handicapped.  Though I believe this is best organized by churches and charitable organizations.

So, we have two generations of millions of Americans totally dependent on welfare handouts from a drug-dealing Leftist government.  Now, couple that will another volatile Leftist chemical:  godlessness.  Think: nitro and glycerin—shaken not stirred.

Without a moral compass, a conscience, without a heavenly Father and life after death, there is no code of conduct, no personal restraint, no accountability.

Godlessness is promoted by the Left.  They sell the idea religion is old fashion, quaint, silly, misguided, for the weak, and even dangerous.  The Left sell shares in God and invest in government.  “Government will take care of you.  Trust us.  Forget those ‘God’ people.”

Our Founding Fathers were steeped in religion.  They wrote often a free society requires religious virtue to survive.

“The great pillars of all government and of social life [are] virtue, morality, and religion.  This is the armor, my friend, and is this alone that renders us invincible.”  Patrick Henry:  Life, Correspondence and Speeches, William Wirt Henry ed., New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1891, vol. II, p592, to Archibald Blair on Jan. 8, 1799.

“Sensible of the importance of Christian piety and virtue to the order and happiness of a state, I cannot but earnestly commend to you every measure for their support and encouragement.” John Hancock, Independent Chronicle (Boston), November 2, 1780 last page.

Without these we are lost.

I fear mobs of otherwise decent people addicted to welfare and fallen from faith and virtue.  Products of Leftist government programs, destroyed, stunted, smashed and hopeless.  One glitch, one unexpected jolt, one bumbled mishap is all it takes to unleash the real zombie apocalypse.

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