Vet the Veep: Paul Ryan NOT Conservative

Evidence of Paul Ryan’s NON-Constitutional conservative voting record is pouring in. Paul Ryan is Republican Mitt Romney’s running mate for this year’s presidential election. We know Mitt aint no conservative. What about Paul Ryan? Evidently he aint either. Several sources now readily available on the web. Below is a summary of a few facts gathered by Jack Kenny of New American and others. As congressman, Paul Ryan voted YES for the following liberal,  progressive, big government, non-Constitutional  monstrosities:

  • Creation of Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Iraq war
  • Medicare Part D
  • No Child Left Behind
  • TARP bailout
  • GM bailout
  • National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA)

Romney may indeed have secured Paul Ryan’s name as the future figure of the Republican party. If that’s the future of the Republican party, I say, good luck with that.



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