U.S. Proxy Wars: Cowardly & Unconstitutional


The U.S. President is fighting foreign wars in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. Two types of wars: one, direct military conflicts whereby U.S. armed forces are put in harm’s way; and two, proxy wars whereby the U.S. Executive branch gives tax-payer money, weapons, equipment, training, and intelligence to insurgent forces. Often these “pro-U.S.” insurgent forces don’t even share American values; they are justified as enemies of my enemies.

According to the U.S. Constitution, direct and sustained intervention of U.S. armed forces may only be applied after Congress authorizes a declaration of war. The President only has the power to prosecute armed conflicts (wars); he/she does not have the authority to initiate armed conflicts. A President who both initiates and prosecutes armed conflict is in gross violation of our founding principles, the U.S. Constitution, and his/her oath of office. Furthermore, the U.S. House of Representatives is then in gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and its oath of office if it does not immediately begin impeachment hearings. But that is another story for another day.

This article is about the cowardly and unconstitutional practice of U.S. proxy wars conducted by our wonderfully corrupt and witless leaders in Washington.  At worst, the practice protracts us from our Founding principles, erodes rule of law, and threatens our national security. At best, the practice saps the life out of our treasury, forces us to dishonor commitments we cannot possibly honor, complicates foreign relations, strangles international commerce, and forestalls larger wars.

At this moment, the U.S. is fighting a proxy war in Syria. President Obama is in violation of the U.S. Constitution for giving tax-payer money, arms, equipment, training, and intelligence to anti-government insurgents in Syria. This has been happening since the Syrian civil war began in 2011. The Obama administration wants Syrian President Assad removed. Assad is a brutal dictator. However, the insurgents who Obama is supporting are not good guys either. The insurgents do not share American values. They are enemies of my enemies. A recipe for disaster. And unconstitutional.

The insurgents we supported in Syria became ISIS.

The wisdom of our Founders to avoid foreign entanglements wins again.

Are we still arming ISIS? No. That would be a disaster for Obama’s legacy. Nor should we. Now we are arming a new smaller band of anti-Assad insurgents in Syria. More enemies of my enemy.

Why is Obama not bombing the heck out of ISIS?  As he promised? Obama is only bombing enough of ISIS to please the U.S. media, and prevent Baghdad from falling in Iraq.  Other than that, Obama is still hoping ISIS will defeat Assad.

The funny thing is, ISIS is not marching on Assad right now. ISIS is focusing on recruiting and spreading their caliphate beyond Syrian borders.

A U.S. proxy war is heating up in Ukraine. Ukraine gained its independence from Russia when the Soviet Union crumbled in 1991. Russian President Putin is fighting a proxy war of his own in Ukraine with hopes of reunifying Ukraine under Russian influence. President Obama is ramping up a proxy war in Ukraine by supporting anti-Russian forces with, again, tax-payer money, arms, equipment, training, and intelligence. A faction of the anti-Russian forces are anti-Semitic neo-Nazis! Another cowardly unconstitutional recipe for disaster. Expect bad things in Ukraine.

The list of U.S. proxy wars in the post-WWII era goes on and on, some with our direct military involvement. President Obama and Sec. of State Clinton fashioned an agreement with NATO allies to support anti-Gaddafi insurgents in the Libyan Revolution in 2011. Congress did not declare war. Completely unconstitutional use of U.S. armed forces.

And this cowardly and unconstitutional power was even too much for President Reagan to resist. In the late 1980s, the Reagan administration was fighting a proxy war in Nicaragua against the communist Sandinista government by supporting the insurgent Contras.

One of our most cowardly and shameful applications of proxy war was President George W. Bush’s use of the Northern Alliance rebels in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack. After it was determined Al Qaeda was to blame for 9/11, and that Al Qaeda was being harbored in Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban, the Bush administration decided to wage a proxy war against Al Qaeda.  A proxy war? Are you kidding me? After 9/11?

Instead of asking Congress for a declaration of war, Bush asked Congress for permission to use armed forces under the War Powers Resolution of 1973. (I despise this politically motivated and unconstitutional piece of junk legislation which cleverly allows all Congressmen and the President to avoid responsibility for putting U.S. Servicemen and women into harm’s way. It’s a stain.)

So, here we have the worst act of war on U.S. soil since WWII, and Pres. Bush and Congress pays a local tribe to fight our battle against Al Qaeda for us! It was an OUTRAGE! We sent tax-payer money, arms, equipment, training, intelligence, air cover, and a few brave Special Forces to support the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan to defeat Al Qaeda. Really? That was OUR battle to fight. American’s we’re ready and willing to fight it. Americans would have supported a declaration of war.

And don’t get me started on rules of engagement or nation building!

Putin, Assad, ISIS, Iran, China, North Korea are maniacal authoritarian regimes bent on world control.  In Iran’s and ISIS’s case, world destruction.  But these U.S. proxy wars, the ones we willfully and illegally engage, are destroying something Putin, China, and Iran can never touch: our identity as a constitutional republic. Where a lone person, the President, cannot conduct wars of their personal choosing. Where rule of law trumps rule of men. Where the decision for war wells up rightfully in a unified will among the people and transmitted to their many representatives in Congress.

When you have that—a unified American people—ready to sacrifice its sons, its daughters, its fathers, its mothers, husbands, and wives, to a worthy cause under God and the U.S. Constitution, that’s when the Putins, Irans, and communist Chinas of the world will pause to reconsider the scope of their ambitions.




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