Trump’s Safety: Considering the Unthinkable


I think we Trump supporters have to consider not just the possibility of a Trump assassination, but the likelihood of it. I think it is extremely likely the Left will make attempts on Donald Trump’s life.  As uncomfortable and horrifying those thoughts are, the likelihood of it gives good reason for a frank discussion.




There was at least one credible threat to Trump’s life during the presidential campaign that we know of. Now Trump has won the election and is serving as president-elect until Friday, January 20th, 2017.

Incidentally, the Electoral College meets Monday, December 19th, and the official Electoral College vote count is released by Congress on Friday, January 6th, 2017. Not that I expect electors will change their votes, but it is possible.  Certainly something to keep in mind as Trump is already a target of the Left.

The Left is NOT done. The Left is never done.  They are NOT slinking away in defeat, licking their wounds.  They are NOT rolling over and calling it good.  They are NOT rethinking their Leftist brand.  They are NOT soul searching in thoughtful contemplation their unpopular policies.  They are not regrouping and waiting patiently to try harder next time.  No.  The Left is determined, radical, violent, and well-funded.

The Left is furious Trump won the election!  Livid. Rabid with outrage.  Indignant. They feel cheated.  Their disdain for Trump voters is visceral.  They look down on middle America with hatred.  They are equally contemptuous it was the Founding Fathers’ Electoral College that defeated their candidate.  The Left expected Hillary to finish what Obama could not—the fundamental transformation of America (for your own good, of course).  Now more than ever, the Left feels America needs to be taught a lesson.

In the ten days since the election we have seen tens of thousands of hypocritical sore losers protesting; Soros-instigated violent riots across half a dozen major cities; Hollywood tears, rants, and threats of emigrating; sanctuary city mayors defying federal deportation laws; pampered college kids whimpering in their safe zones; the media perplexed about their own polling miscalculations; and the Democrat National Committee under siege from within. Leftist heads are exploding in the wake of the Trump victory.  If Trump is true to his word, the Left is going to go nuclear when Trump actually takes office and implements his policies.

The trigger puller may not be a Leftist operative.  The trigger puller could just as easily be a Hillary supporter terrified the new president is a white-supremacist with plans of stripping minorities of their belongings, breaking up families, and packing them into boxcars en route to concentration camps—thanks to the propaganda of the Leftist media and politicians.  Or the “puller” could be bankers or Wall Street traders with much to lose if Trump cuts off the gravy train of artificially low “easy money” interest rates, Federal Reserve secrecy, no-one-goes-to-jail risk-free trading, and money printing.  The Left walks hand in hand with fear and corruption.

The Left is exposing itself. They are exposing themselves for the violent America-hating radicals they are—the silent monster quietly undermining America’s founding since the 1920s.  Take note.

This is only the beginning. As the economy continues to deteriorate, guess who the Leftist media will blame?  For the past eight years the media has been covering-up the deterioration of the economy while their messiah, Obama, was in office.  But NOW, with Trump in office, the plight of the unemployed, displaced, hungry, and homeless will be front page news every day!—as if all this is new news.  Expect riots.

Does anyone really expect Obama to do the honorable thing and retire in silence after Trump takes office, like George W. Bush did?  Obama is NOT done “community organizing.”  The Obamas are the new Clintons.  One evil falls, another replaces it.

The assassination of Trump is not only possible, it’s likely. Middle America and conservatives breathed a collective sigh of relief when Hillary was defeated.  It was a magnificent triumph for America and our electoral process.  But we cannot rest on our laurels.  The Left is gathering steam.  The consequence of this election is now in its infancy.  Soon the Leftist monster will burst forth from its 100-year gestation.  Subtle will become obvious.  Covert will become overt.  Nudge will become shove.

Think through the unthinkable.

Brace for impact.

Vigilance is the price of liberty.



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