Trump Wins 3rd Debate with Undecideds


Tonight was the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The debate was moderated by Fox News’s Chris Wallace in Las Vegas.

I give this debate to Trump. He performed better than he did in the first debate, but not as well as in the second debate.  Still, Trump won and this is why:  Hillary played to her base supporters.  Who plays to their base in the final days of the campaign?  Your base is already with you!  The voters you need in the final days of the campaign are the undecided voters.

I think this explains why Trump was so reserved in the first half of this debate. He practically let Chris Wallace do the attacking on Hillary.  In the first half of the debate Trump played nice.  He looked thoughtful, serious, prepared, determined, and respectful.  Too nice.  Boring, actually.  I think Trump’s demeanor in the first half of the debate was an intentional appeal to undecided voters who were tuning in for the first time to learn something about this boorish loud mouth everyone is talking about. Instead, viewers got 45 minutes of a composed and serious candidate for president.

After 45 minutes I imagine most undecided viewers changed the channel—bored to death by Hillary droning on and on with her go-to stump speech. She sounds like every other slick politician stumping lofty ambiguous promises.  Hillary’s style is exactly opposite what most Americans are looking for in this election cycle.  The perfect opposite.

Trump improved—almost on queue—at the halfway mark of the debate. Overall, Trump stayed focused on exposing Hillary’s numerous negatives.  My son and I really enjoyed Trump’s childish quips and grimaces.  The guy is truly an entertainer.  Let’s face it; it’s hard to take Hillary and the debate seriously.  Hillary is a life-long political hack sucking at the public teat most of her life.  She’s flawed in every meaningful respect.  She could not get elected to city council if it wasn’t for her husband’s talent and ambition.  Hillary’s whole life is rigged.

As far as the controversy goes about Trump’s wait-and-see approach regarding the election results, I didn’t think anything of it. But the media is falling over themselves, aghast anyone would dare question the integrity of America’s election results before the vote count is officiated.  Doesn’t the media read the news?

The election is right around the corner. I’m going to tell you my prediction.  I predict Trump will win the election by a wide margin.  Not a landslide.  He might have won it by a landslide but for the brooding and treacherous establishment Republicans.  I guess we’ll know in 20 days.  Or, maybe not.



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