The System is Rigged


Most Americans agree “the system” is rigged. Whether we are talking about our political system, financial system, economic system, or judicial system, only a fool would observe all is free, fair, and just in these United States.  Mankind is not by nature free, fair, and just.  The world is not free, fair, and just.  Free, fair, and just reside in heavenfive-aces beyond the base confines of space, time and original sin.  The question is to what degree is the system rigged.

Before the Revolutionary War, our Founding Fathers lived in a rigged system—a monarchy. Monarchies are rigged systems.  Socialism and communism are rigged systems.  Dictatorships, oligarchies, and aristocracies are rigged.  Pure democracies can also be rigged if a majority of voters can be readily, consistently, and unwittingly persuaded by a small group people in collusion, e.g. media broadcasting companies.  None of this was lost on our Founders.  Our Founders were well aware of mankind’s attempts at creating different kinds of governments.  Though Karl Marx was born 31 years after the Constitutional Convention of 1787, communism was not a revolutionary concept.  In the day of our Founders, communism was called leveling. And they rejected it along with others.

Our Founders did not deny mankind’s sinful nature; they accounted for it. They knew the sin of man would infect the institutions governing men.  They knew the systems of man would turn corrupt, and corruption would lead to a rigged system.

The system has always been rigged. Irreparably so.  Yes, irreparably.  It has been rigged since Adam and Eve.  Once we swallow that bitter fact, we can go on to the better question:  How much corruption and rigging will Americans tolerate?  Ah, now we are getting somewhere.  Now the adults are in the room.  How much indeed?  That brings us smackdab to the middle of the 2016 presidential election.

We have Hillary supporters saying in effect: “We can tolerate a lot more rigging.” On the other hand, Trump supporters are saying: “We will no longer tolerate this level of corruption and rigging.”  Hillary supporters want Hillary to rig the system in their favor.  Trump supporters want Trump to expose and clean-up the rigging so everyone can have a reasonably free, fair, and just opportunity at a happy life.  Insider vs. outsider.

Americans can tolerate a great deal of corruption and rigging. The system(s) are not 100% rigged yet, but is headed in that direction.  The Leftist movement of the past 100 years is carefully preparing Americans for 100% rigging.  And it’s working on most Americans.  The patriot movement, however, will not tolerate it.  I offer the 2010 emergence of the Tea Party as evidence of early discontent.  Whoever wins the presidential election, and fails to clean-up the rigged system, will push the patriot movement to follow the footsteps of our Founding Fathers.



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