The Road to Revolution

There comes a time when, on the precipice of change, a nation faces its own mortality. When the people of that nation are confronted with the truth the nation they love has died. Died silently unnoticed, or slipping away in the final inevitable throws of passing.  The nation’s death certificate always reads the same “Cause of Death:  Nature of man.”  

You’ll note the Cause of Death does not say liberal or conservative, but “Nature of Man.”  Man.  Liberals are men, and conservatives are men.  The nature of man kills nations.  I think liberals and conservative can agree government is necessary to secure our country from hostilities outside our borders, as well as provide law and order within.  No one doubts some government is right and necessary.  But government is a creation of man, is run by men, and therefore subject to the fallen nature of man. 

If people of a nation have more authority over the government than the government has over the people we could simply conclude the people of the nation killed their nation.  But that is not so.  Government by its very nature hungers for more power over the people.  The nature of government is to grow in authority over the people.  Government always grows in one direction:  more authority.   Our Founders knew this.

For many nations the people prefer to let their government rule over them.  But that is not so with us in America.  In our country, we the people maintain we have authority over our government.  The government works for us the people, not the other way around.

I am a conservative because we acknowledge man’s nature is the problem, and that those running the government suffer the same.  Is it the people of a nation or the government of that nation who is the Cause of Death?  Both share in the blame, but our Founders knew government was far more to blame.  How do I know that?  Because our Founders said “vigilance” is required of the people to maintain a limited government. It’s up to us to keep government in check, limited.  Limited to what?  Limited in authority over the lives of the people.  Government, they concluded, is what kills a nation of people who wish to be free—free to exercise their God-given individual rights.  In effect, government is the problem.

For the Leftist, the socialist, the Marxist, government is the solution not the problem.  For them, government gives you your rights.  This is where government always goes.  The smallest of government, no matter how benign in the beginning, no matter how idealistic, always grows toward this end becoming Leftist, socialist, Marxist, totalitarian, fascist, all-powerful, and over-reaching.  Always.  Always because the nature of man is fallen and government is a product of man’s creation.

So here we are, 225 years after the ratification of the U. S. Constitution, and I ask, are we as free to exercise our God-given individual rights today as we were then? 

If our nation of people want to have more authority over the government than the government has over them, then a change is required.  I believe most Americans want their God-given rights back.

I believe a change is coming.

I don’t know how that change is going to unfold.   By violent revolution, a bloody civil war, or bloodless change by Constitutional Convention.  But a change is coming.  The patient is long past dead. 

No matter how the change unfolds, I urge my conservative patriots be charitable to our liberal countrymen.  Pray for them.  Most of them were brainwashed from kindergarten textbooks to college professors into believing government is the solution to man’s suffering.  Most of our liberal countrymen have not a clue the principles our nation was founded on, nor the sacrifices made to secure those principles.  Like us conservatives, liberals are fiercely protective of free speech and privacy.  And they have a deep and important sense of fairness and justice.

To my Leftist countrymen who know the truth of our founding and still wish to maintain a government whose authority exceeds we the people, shred the Constitution, and deny me my God-given rights, woe to you.


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