The Most Powerful Prayers I Know

These are some of the most powerful prayers I know. 

I don’t know why I’m writing this prayer list;  I’m overdue to write an article or draw a cartoon instead.  I just have it in my mind I’m supposed to contribute this post first before I can move on to regular business.

I list the prayers not in any particular order, although the “Our Father” must come first.   It’s not an exhaustive list, but only those prayers that come immediately to mind.   These prayers changed my life and continue to fortify my flagging spirit, renewing my faith and hope.  I am deeply grateful to those who passed these prayers to me.

I offer all but one without context.  I give context to the last prayer.  Some are rather stark.  Some embarassing.  Most are quite short, but grow in power when repeated.  The first three I simply list the title of the prayer.  I hope you may find something helpful here.

I really am a nothing without God’s help and guidance, His love and power.  To Him I credit every good thing in my life.  I am nothing, but I am His, and that gives me infinitely more than I deserve.  

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The Our Father (Lord’s Prayer)

The Saint Francis Prayer

The Serenity Prayer

“Thank you God for everything exactly as it is today, and always has been.”

“Lord, if it pleases You to destroy me, let it be done to me.”

“Thine will be done, not mine.”

“Thank you, God.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, God…”

“God, please help me.”

“God, I want to want to live.  Help me.”

“God, show me how I can be helpful.”

“God, show me how I can be of service to my fellows today.”

“God, I pray for the willingness to be willing.”

“God, thank you for reminding me I’m not perfect.”

“God, remind me I’m not too good for this job;  I’m not too old for this job;  I’m not too smart for this job;  I’m not too educated for this job;  I’m not too experienced for this job;  I’m not too spiritual for this job.  Help me get out of my ‘self’ today by the action of serving others.”

“God, grant me vulnerable honesty that serves others.”

“God, grant me honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness.”

“God, I pray for the willingness to see where You are sending me help through people, the situation, and intuitive thoughts in this and each bad situation.”

“God, I pray for the willingness to see the advantages in this and each bad situation.”

“Jesus, lead me.  I will follow.”

For someone with whom I am angry or resentful:  “God, I pray for (person’s name).   Grant them peace, joy, and freedom.  Grant them all the good things I want to come to pass in my life—loving relationships, financial security, a thriving career, health and hope, a secure home, love and blessings of family and friends.”  I often don’t actually hope these things come true for this person, initially.  So, I keep praying it each day until I do sincerely mean it and feel it.  Sometimes takes a long time.  In one case, it took 8 months of praying this prayer every morning.  Sometimes also during the middle of the day.




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