The Left and the Lions of Islam

I think it’s time to address a growing question regarding the Left’s tolerance for Islamic radicalism and the Left’s intolerance for Judaism and Christianity. Increasingly in America we see the Left embracing the Muslim religion while continuing to persecute Jews and Christians.  Even more confounding is how the Left is completely indifferent to human rights abuses practiced under Islamic Sharia law.  All this befuddles many conservatives.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity is completely befuddled.  He cannot understand why the Left will not speak out against human rights abuses of Islam and Sharia law.  Why the Left will not condemn Muslim countries who stone women for adultery.  Why the Left will not call out countries that mandate female genital mutilation, force women to cover themselves in burkas, forbid women from attending school or being seen in public without a male family member chaperone.  Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, and not a peep from the Left?  Or, why the absolute thunderous silence from the Left in the face of Islamic countries outlawing  homosexuality, punishable by throwing the accused from tall buildings?  Utter silence from the Left.  Indeed the hypocrisy is maddening.

Or more recently, we hear news of U.S. schools embracing Islamic studies and traditions as a regular part of school curriculum.   All the while, U.S. schools are forbidding Christian studies, silencing Christmas songs and celebrations, condemning students wearing Jewish or Christian jewelry, and outlawing school prayer.

First of all, let’s get this straight:  Leftists don’t give a damn about the Muslim religion, radical or peaceful.  To them, it’s just another world religion of dopes and dolts worshipping another “sky god.”  For Leftists, government is God.

So, why the hypocrisy?  Why do so-called Liberals embrace a religion that does not tolerate freedom of religion?  Why does the Left scream out to protect gay rights, yet tolerates Sharia law?  Why does the Left fight tooth and nail to ban Jewish and Christian teachings from our schools, but embrace the Five Pillars of Islam?  The answer is so simple, and so obvious, one almost misses it.

If one knows how the Left thinks, these perplexities are clear.

The Left is neither Islamic nor religious.  The Left is using Islamic radicalism as a proxy weapon to destroy Judaism and Christianity.  The Left is allowing the evil of Islamic radicalism to grow and metastasize.  Not out of ignorance or hypocrisy, but out of intention.

The Left hates America’s Judeo/Christian founding.  America is standing in the way of global Leftist utopia.  The Left is not only allowing Islamic radicalism to flourish, but is wringing its hands like a spectator at the Roman Coliseum.  The Left can hardly wait to see the “evil” of America, American Judeo/Christian values, free enterprise, unalienable individual rights, and God of the Bible destroyed by the lions of Islam.  Who better to unleash on those “pitiful Jews” and “self-righteous Christians” than those barbaric Muslims?



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