The Failure at Ferguson

It’s curious Missouri Governor Nixon failed to dispatch the National Guard into the town of Ferguson to protect property and persons on the day the grand jury announced their decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson.  Curious the Governor was unavailable to take phones calls from the mayor of Ferguson.  Who wants to bet the Governor was watching the riot unfold on TV while refusing phone calls from Ferguson’s mayor?

Also seems curious to me the timing of the grand jury’s decision announcement—late in the evening after dark.   And particularly curious the police and state troopers were not pre-positioned in a way that best protects commercial businesses, to prevent a repeat of the destruction and looting that took place just three months earlier.  Can someone tell me why police cars were left unattended in the likely path of mayhem on the streets?

And from the very beginning President Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder involved themselves in this local matter.  Hmmm.

I smell a scandal.  Another Obama scandal and cover-up.

I suspect the timing of the grand jury decision and law enforcement’s soft-handed response to the violent protestors was handed down directly from President Obama to Governor Nixon, then to the state troopers and Ferguson police.

Day two and now day three the violent protestors have dwindled in numbers.  The National Guard is standing sentry around the Ferguson police dept. building.  How much you want to bet the M-4s and sidearms the Guardsmen are carrying do NOT have ammunition in them?  I’d bet my life those weapons are as empty as Obama’s promises!  And I’d bet the order for empty weapons came from Obama himself or his “special advisor” Valerie Jarrett.

Empty weapons.  Think about that.  Isn’t that the reason all this racial non-sense got riled up?  A loaded weapon?

Supporters of the victim Michael Brown claim that Darren Wilson used excessive force to protect himself.  They say this tragedy happens all too regularly across the country.  I’m not going to argue the merits of their position.   But their position is a slippery slope that leads directly to disarming law enforcement altogether.  Let’s take a look at the direction the Leftists are taking this, because obviously many Leftist agitators shamelessly used this personal tragedy and poor town of Ferguson to further their radical Leftist agenda.

The failure at Ferguson was not the National Guard.  I don’t want the National Guard in Ferguson.  I don’t want the National Guard involved any more than I think Obama and the U.S. Justice Dept. should be involved in Ferguson.  I do NOT want to see a standing army on city streets.  I believe the state troopers and Ferguson police were more than capable of handling the protestors and rioters.  It was the troopers and police who failed to do their job this week.  It was their job to protect private and public property.  Their job!  And they failed miserably.  I was shocked at their impotence, their tactics, their complete unpreparedness.  They trained for three months?  To do what, hide behind an armored truck and let looters ransack their town?  Obviously they were ordered to stand down.  But from whom?

Where were the water cannons?  Where were the dogs?  Where were the officers when the stores were being looted?  Where were the batons, Tasers, and pepper spray?  And where were the loaded weapons?  Are we going to enforce the law or aren’t we?  I guess we aren’t.

The Leftists don’t want to enforce the law.  To the Left, it’s perfectly “ok” for Sergeant Bergdahl for example to go AWAL, desert his post, and collaborate with the enemy!  I doubt that traitor will never see a court martial, prison cell, or firing squad.

Do I think the destruction of property should be met with lethal force?  Rarely.  But the troopers and police didn’t even escalate their aggression when violence erupted.

Lethal force is always justified when one’s life or the lives of others are in danger. Principles also are always worth fighting for and dying for.

This is what the Left is after; this is what they want; their plan; their goal:  only the State should decide who lives and who dies.  They want guns off the streets, out of the public circle, and out of the hands of law enforcement.   Only they, the Left, can decide when life is justifiably forfeited, or if one’s life is worth saving.  They want to play God.  Only they.  It always comes back to this with the Left.  They want to be your God.   The two things standing between them and their Leftist utopia are your gun and your Bible.  Now where have I heard that before?



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