Stow that Trump Panic, and Heave to, Ted Cruz’ers


It is about time to address the many baseless attacks on Donald Trump. Baseless attempts to paint Mr. Trump as Hitler, a fascist authoritarian, a racist, godless, woman-hater.  The attacks are coming from the Left, from the establishment Republicans, as well as from constitutional conservatives in the Ted Cruz camp. I am NOT a Trump supporter.  I support Ted Cruz for president.  Go Cruz!

AP Photo / Cheryl Senter

AP Photo / Cheryl Senter

Yes, I expect those on the Left—those of the indoctrinated ill-informed stripe on the Left—to mistake Hitler and Nazism as the personification of so-called “far Right-wing conservatism.” Though nothing could be further from the truth. (Misinformation is part in parcel of the Left’s campaign patiently and persistently prying America from its Constitution and unmoor it from its Founding principles.)

Hitler and his Nazi party were politically national socialists, governing by fascist authoritarian dictatorship.  They were Leftists all the way!  As are communists.  Nazism and communism: two separate and distinct branches on the same Leftist tree of evil.

Ask yourself, does this sound like Nazi Germany: constitutional government, rule of law; free, fair, regular democratic elections; limited government, separation of powers, federalism, free enterprise, sound money, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, habeas corpus, blind justice, Judeo-Christian values, unalienable God-given individual rights.  No, of course not.  These are America’s Founding principles.  These are the principles of the Tea Party, Constitutional Conservatives, and the patriot movement—the so-called “far Right-wing conservatives.”  Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other Leftists seek to diminish, subvert, and destroy these “right-wing” principles by gradualism or violent revolution.  KNOW. YOUR. ENEMY.  Trump is NOT Hitler.

How ‘bout the “establishment” Republicans.  They are the worst of all. They’re like, Leftist “Lite,” only dripping with the puke of corruption.  Integrity lost.  Corrupted beyond cure. They traded their souls for a purse of silver. At least the Left has the intestinal fortitude to stand behind their godless beliefs.  Establishment Republicans are hypocrites. Pharisees parading themselves as conservatives in public, then betraying their country behind closed doors.  Turncoats to our Founding principles. To hell with the lot of them!

But the constitutional conservatives—the Ted Cruz supporters—that’s where this discussion about Donald Trump gets interesting.  I’m talking now about Ted Cruz supporters who level blistering and baseless attacks on Donald Trump.  Baseless accusations and mean-spirited hyperbole.  Attacks sensational by high-profile Cruz supporters.

Let’s take Glenn Beck and Mark Levin for example.  I am a BIG fan of Glenn Beck and Mark Levin.  Heck, if Beck or Levin were running against Ted Cruz for president, I’d vote for Beck or Levin in a heartbeat!  But, let’s focus on Glenn Beck first.  Of late, Beck has been making rather sensational warnings Trump will be an authoritarian in the likes of Hitler. Now, on what grounds are these statements made?  To what record of experience are we drawing this logical conclusion? Trump has never held public office!

Trump owns large businesses and runs them as he sees fit. Businesses are not democracies.  Businesses are not federal republics.  A hotel chain is not a country.  Businesses are run like businesses.  Businesses are run by owners, families, partners, and board members.  It is ridiculous and intellectually dishonest to “logically” assume a business owner will run the office of President as one runs their own company.  Besides, don’t we still have a semblance of checks and balances built into our government?  Is the Executive branch not ONE of three branches of government?  Four, if you count the bloated federal bureaucracy.  Five, if you count the Leftist press.  Does anyone really believe Congress and the media are going to let Trump get away with murder like they let Obama?  This kind of hyperbole by Beck smacks of panic.

Mark Levin has been hammering Donald Trump on Levin’s radio program and new TV broadcast.  (Congrats, Mark, on the successful launch of your TV program!  I hope one day I can sit in one of those exquisite leather chairs as your guest and share a meaningful discussion about restoring our great nation.) OK, I got my a$$-kissing out of the way.  Levin has been hammering Trump indirectly.  Unlike Beck, Levin is attacking Trump’s so-called movement—his supporters—rather than attacking Trump personally.  Levin has been patronizing Trump’s supporters (on the ground) and advocates (on the air).  Levin is delegitimizing Trump’s popular appeal.  Levin has been dismissing and maligning millions of primary election voters driven to polling places—in spite of long lines—to cast their anger.

Word to the wise: do not dismiss anger.

Who can deny Trump’s popular appeal?  Yes he’s vulgar, but on the other hand he’s not politically correct.  Over the years, we underestimated the evil corroding thread inherent in PC’ism. Trump fired and struck the first gaping wound to the serpent animal PC’ism. He blew it wide open. It’s a lovely wound.  I admit a guilty pleasure watching the beast bleed all over the Leftist media.  Finally, someone came along to show us the Leftist media is not invulnerable.  Admit it, Trump is virtually bulletproof against any and all attacks from the media.  The more outrageous Trump’s comments, the more popular he becomes!  Pay attention: win or lose, Trump is showing us how to beat the media at its own game!

What the hell is wrong with popular appeal?  I think you got to give voters a little more credit, Mr. Levin.  Yes, the voters gave us Obama—twice, no less.  But they also gave us Washington, and J. Adams, and Jefferson, and Madison, Lincoln, and Reagan (twice).  Trump’s popular appeal is crossing over to Democrats.  Let’s call them Trump Democrats.  No, Trump ain’t no Reagan, but neither is Cruz. Go Cruz!

All this hyperbole smacks of the ends justify the means. Let’s not go there.  If Cruz or Trump loses the election to Sanders or Clinton, so be it.  Let’s not unmoor ourselves from conservative values for the price of one election.  Truth be told, one Republican, one election cannot undo the damage done to our beloved Constitution.  Much of the Constitution is lost and requires FAR more than a single election to restore.

I think many patriotic Americans share the panic of Beck and Levin.  It’s the panic of inevitability.  Regardless of who wins the White House, restoring our Constitution, our Founding principles, free enterprise and sound money is going to cost much much more than a campaign donation.


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