Socialism Persecutes Christianity

Israel is the cradle of Christianity.  Europe would certainly be its home town.  America might then be considered its home away from home—its college town, the big city.

Most grown kids don’t move back home after college.   They enjoy their freedom, find hope, imagine a bright future of opportunities, make a new life for themselves, never returning to the dreary stifling confines and baggage-laden family in-fighting left behind.

Europe today is the armpit of Christianity.  An empty hollow shell of itself.  A collection of little countries puzzle-pieced together by centuries of war.  Countries adorned with quaint ruins of towering Cathedrals.  Empty cathedrals.  Empty pews.  Empty Masses and empty services.

Hundreds of years ago Christianity thrived in Europe.  With it came a common sense of morality, a moral compass, compassion, charity, clarity of good and evil, a cause that gave a person’s life direction and purpose and meaning, mutual respect, community, along with literacy, hospitals, colleges, and the underpinnings of common law.  And yes, science.  Science owes a great debt to Christianity.  As well as the many of the great works of art standing today—paid for by Sunday goers dropping meager donations in the offering plate.  Great masterpieces still stand today thanks to the protection of churches.

But the churches are abandoned today in Europe.  Empty.  The religion of Christianity has been abandoned for the religion of “the state”—secularism.  More specifically socialism.  The greater foothold socialism found in Europe, the smaller the foothold of Christianity.

It’s a power struggle.  The state grows ever more hungry for power.  And the allegiance of Christians to the teachings of Christ is a power the state wants.  The state wants your complete undivided allegiance.  If they can’t force it out of you over night, they will teach it out of you over time.

See this happening in America, Christianity’s college town, home away from home.  Socialism has been rising in America, gaining a secure foothold over the last 100 years.  The state is coming for your religion.  Socialism is usurping Christianity.  Secularism is squelching  spirituality.

Government always seeks power, and control is how they secure it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not moving back “home to mom and dad.”  God bless ‘em, but we’re adults now and have my own digs.

Socialism and Christianity don’t live well together.


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