Rating the First Democrat Debate


CNN hosted the first Democrat primary debate for the 2016 presidential election last night, Oct. 13th. Five candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee took questions from CNN’s Anderson Cooper. First, I will briefly rate the candidates’ performances. Then, I will venture predictions for the Democrat race.

Listed in order of performance, best to worst:


While Bernie Sanders’ performance was not as polished and prepared as Hillary Clinton’s, I give him best performance. He overcame his noteworthy age with youthful passion. He spoke from the heart. He was passionate, bold, honest, and unscripted. Sound familiar? It should, this approach is serving Republican candidates Trump and Carson quite well. Voters are looking for someone who will say what they really feel, political correctness be damned.


Hillary Clinton did a wonderful job of looking poised, prepared, and confident. She was at her best. She’s a better debater than a campaigner. Ironically, because of her carefully prepared polished and packaged presentation she sounded like an old-fashioned politician—the kind voters are rejecting in this election cycle. She doesn’t get it. She doesn’t understand what’s going on like Bernie does.


Jim Webb was able to capitalize on recent events threatening America’s national security. The other candidates failed to capitalize on this pressing issue. And he has the military background to lend credibility to his concerns and policies. Webb was a bit out of place among his socialist/Marxist comrades on stage.


Martin O’Malley sounded like he was simply saying what everyone wanted to hear. A completely unoriginal thinker.


Lincoln Chafee was so out-matched among the contenders on stage, I honesty cringed feeling bad for the guy. He should get out of this race and politics before it completely destroys his soul. Save yourself. Let Bill and Hillary take that trip alone.


I do not believe Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee for president. Her political demise will not come from her criminal email scandal, or Benghazi, or conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation, or Bill’s sexual antics. She and Bill have been in high-level politics for so long they have countless favors they can call in, plenty of dirt with which to blackmail officials, and enough money and influence to leverage Hillary out of any scrape, scandal, or criminal charges. The Clintons stand unopposed at the top of the political corruption food chain. They are in effect, above and beyond the law of the land.

Hillary’s demise will instead come from three sources. First, her own inescapable flaw—she’s unlikable and a terrible campaigner. Second, Barrack and Michelle Obama resent Hillary enough to sabotage Hillary’s ambitions. And third, Vice President Joe Biden will soon join the race, immediately selecting Senator Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. Checkmate. Three factors that not even the Clinton’s can undo.

The next article will describe my overall gut reaction to the Democrat debate. To read, click HERE.)




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