Public Health Issues are for Fascists

We don’t have “public health issues” in America—we have Individual health issues

The term “public health issues” is a term created by the left.  It is a term created to invite people to believe the health of individuals is everyone’s business, the public’s business.  That the cost burden of having to care for individuals who for example chose to eat unhealthy foods translates to a tax burden on the public. 

These types of terms are part and parcel of the left’s manipulation of the language we use.  These terms have built-in assumptions that lead or invite the thinking of an unassuming audience.  It’s a formula the left employs.  Let’s use the health issue for example. 

First, the left employs guilt on the public to sneak-in a few tax-payer paid public health care services.  Seemingly innocent and well intentioned.  Now the socialists got you.  (There’s no going back from here.)  This is socialism.

If fat folks are allowed free access to tax-payer paid services—if that’s all that happened—that’s where socialism would begin and end.  But that’s not where this story ends.  The rest of the leftist formula is where fascism begins. 

Salvo number two is fired by the fascist.  The media reports how taxpayer money is being wasted unnecessarily because obese people are using tax-payer-paid public health care services.     Ahhhhhh.  Now the left has you exactly where they want you.  First the public paid services, then the report of taxpayer money being wasted.  Sound familiar?   Obviously what happens next is public outrage for tax dollars being wasted on treating people who choose unhealthy diets.

Now comes the fascist smack down.  New laws.  New laws prohibiting people from eating unhealthy foods and drinks.  Or prohibiting the availability of unhealthy foods.  Or taxing and regulating makers of unhealthy foods out of business.  Or prohibiting portions that can be served.  Or ingredients.  Etc.  (Read about Nazi Germany’s food/health fascism.) 

Where is the problem.  Is the problem that fat folks are using the very health care services that the leftists created for unhealthy people in the first place?  Is the problem that the media unfairly reported taxpayer money wasted?  Or is the problem in all the laws and regulations?  No.  The problem precedes all.  The problem is ignorance of the role of government.  The U.S. Constitution does not allow the federal government to collect income taxes and spend that money on public health care services.  Problem solved.

In America we don’t have “public health issues.”  We have Individual health issues.  If an individual chooses to eat pizza every day, it’s none of my business.  You smoke?  That’s your problem, not mine.  You like gobs of salt on your biggie order of fries?  Go for it.  Enjoy. 

Obesity is not a public health issue.  Cigarette smoking is not a public health issue.  Four-hundred ounce sugary soda Big Gulps are not public health issues.  They are individual health issues.

Sewer pipe breaks and garbage pick up delays are NOT “public health issues.”  Those are sanitation issues.

Clean water problems are NOT “public health issues.”  Those are drinking water contamination issues. 

Toxic chemical spills are NOT “public health issues.”  Those are hazardous material and poisoning issues.

Beware the language of the left.  Beware of newly crafted catch phrases that make you feel somehow there is a new publically ordained social responsibility or burden.  The media loves to bandy about new catch phrases.  The media is not 100% to blame.  The media delights in trying out new words and clever phrases.  I think they just get bored sometimes using the old ones.  After all, they are in the news(new) business.

—Prodigal Son of Liberty


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