PSOL Housekeeping & Domestic Terrorism

First of all, I want to welcome and thank all visitors and Subscribers to Prodigal Sons of Liberty.  I am absolutely humbled by the growing number of readers.  A special thanks to all Subscribers.  The rate at which new Subscribers are signing up is amazing.  Frankly, I don’t know what I’m doing most the time, but I guess I’ll keep doing it.  I know at least I’m not alone out there, and that is comforting.  I have loads of favorite patriotic websites I visit too.  Thank you for including me in yours.

Please feel free to leave comments on posts.  Oddly, few people do.  Early on I opened Comments to anyone, but I received so much spam I’ve since closed comments to Subscribers only. 

Future plans for the site include upgrading to a more professional-looking homepage. This summer hopefully.  The name, banner, format, and purpose remain the same.  The symbolic cross/quill/musket stays.  Am just adding-on, really.   I want to make the website easier for other patriots to find.  I am loathe to open a Facebook and Twitter account to create links, but I am considering it.  I’m also giving consideration to ads of companies whose people are like-minded, and possibly a donation option.

When I started writing this “housekeeping” post I ended up writing a bit off topic, off on a tangent.  But a good tangent.  In the interest of adding value to an otherwise dry housekeeping post, I’ll post the tangent below. 

Thank you again.


It is reassuring to me that I’m not alone out there. 

I love our country, and it hurts me deeply to see our founding principles eroded away.  Knowing so many patriotic like-minded Americans searching and connecting with other like-minded Americans is hopeful indeed.  The Progressive indoctrination of decades is so pervasive it makes me feel like patriots to our founding principles are a “dangerous threat” to this government—like we’re in the conservative underground or something.  It’s crazy. 

It is crazy, but I have to admit I rather enjoy being called a “domestic terrorist.”  I do.  For all its absurd applications I do delight when I’m reminded our Founders were labeled seditionists, rebels, separatists, troublemakers, and traitors to the Crown of England.  We were!  We were traitors to king. 

Rebellion is kinda inscribed on the hearts of Americans.  Who doesn’t want to be a rebel?  Who didn’t root for the “rebels” in Star Wars?  Our spirit for independence, leave-us-alone attitude, don’t-tread-on-me spirit of rebellion comes so naturally for Americans.  And Hollywood knows this.  We root for the underdog like it’s entwined in our national DNA.  David and Goliath.

Our government knows this too.  They know they have to be very careful not to call conservatives “rebels.”  They know we’ll latch onto that moniker with pride!  That’s why they have to call us terrorists—lumping us with a universal evil.  Then they can apply the same detain/arrest laws indiscriminately to us.

Friends!  Brethren!  Countrymen!  If the Boston Tea Party incident was an act of “domestic terrorism” count me in!  These are my peeps.


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