Paul Ryan a BOLD Surprise VP Pick for Romney

This morning Republican candidate for president, Mitt Romney, announced his decision selecting Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as Romney’s Vice President.

Paul Ryan is a bold choice for Romney. A surprise choice in my opinion. A surprise because Mitt Romney is handicapped by caution. He’s too cautious. Cautious beyond the character of a true leader. His choice in selecting Paul Ryan begs the question, why?

I don’t believe Paul Ryan secures the necessary electoral votes in swing states. So why, Paul Ryan?

I don’t believe Paul Ryan’s popular Ryan Plan Budget proposal is a win-win for Romney. In fact, in selecting Ryan, Romney makes himself a target to liberal attacks, all of which will be supported by the liberal media. So why, Paul Ryan?

I have seen no evidence that Romney agrees fully with Ryan’s popular budget proposal. So why, Paul Ryan?

I don’t believe Romney is a true Constitutional conservative. Paul Ryan appears to be somewhat more Constitutionally conservative than Romney. Romney doesn’t need Ryan to get-out the vote among Republicans—Obama’s socialist policy is doing that for him. Besides, election battles are generally won in appealing to independent voters. Are independent voters now Tea Party members? So why, Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan exudes a sense of upbeat optimism. But so does Mitt Romney. So why, Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan has no foreign policy experience to off-set Romney’s lack of foreign policy credentials. So why, Paul Ryan?

I heard one thing this morning during the news coverage of the VP announcement that struck me. I’m watching tv, listening, analyzing. Mulling over in my mind how Paul Ryan might affect my vote. Of course I won’t be voting for Obama. And I can’t vote for Mitt Romney because he does not share my Constitutional conservative values. (See my post “A Cautious Romney His Undoing.”) I planned to follow my heart on election day and write-in a Constitutional conservative candidate for president, letting the chips fall where they may.

Romney’s bold move in selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate gives me pause about writing-in a presidential candidate on my ballot. Romney’s selection of Ryan hasn’t changed my mind about Romney’s conservative shortcomings though. Instead, it was something I heard on the Fox News coverage this morning that gave me pause. The commentator on Fox News said, paraphrasing, “Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as VP elevates and secures Paul Ryan as the future leader of the Republican Party.” That is, Paul Ryan is elevated whether Romney wins the election or not. I thought that observation was true, indeed it does elevate and secure Paul Ryan as the future leader of the Republican party—even if they don’t win the election (which I don’t expect them to). My question, is Paul Ryan a true Constitutional conservative? We don’t know yet. We have 11 weeks before the election to find out.

So why, Paul Ryan? Why did Romney choose Paul Ryan among all the possible VP picks? There were many VP candidates that could have secured key electoral votes in swing states, pulled important minority votes away from Obama, and other “safer” candidates without the baggage of a radical and conservative budget plan. Here I’m going to give Romney the benefit of the doubt, and go with the only logical conclusion. I’m thinking the reason Romney chose Paul Ryan over the other “safer” and “politically smarter” choices is because Romney was looking to the future of the country in selecting Paul Ryan. Call me naive, but Romney is, after all, a business man in the business of saving businesses from their own failures. And he was good at it. America is a broken business, and will be so for a generation at least.

It may be that Romney knows, in spite of his reluctance to embrace Constitutional conservatism, he knows our country’s future depends upon Constitutional conservative values. Romney knows the economic depression unfolding today. Among all the VP candidates, Paul Ryan is the most Constitutionally conservative. It is not without some doubt that I’ve arrived at this conclusion. If indeed Romney chose Paul Ryan out of a deep sense of duty to put the future of our country ahead of today’s politics, that gives me reason to reconsider voting his ticket.

Will I vote the top of the ticket in order to win the bottom of the ticket? First I have to see some heavy-duty Constitutional conservative credentials coming from the bottom of the ticket, from Mr. Ryan.  For the sake of our nation’s future.




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