Our First Black President is a Bummer

What a bummer our first black president is a Marxist. 

I couldn’t care less President Obama is black, except to feel a sense of pride our nation elected our first black President.  Who didn’t feel a sense of history in the making and healing for our nation on election night 2008?  Obama’s election victory had an air of confirmation of our founding principles “all men are created equal” and opportunity is available to all men and women.

Then came the bad news:  Obama wasn’t the man he said he was.  He lied to American voters.  He hid the truth about his socialist/Marxist ideology.  Of course he hid those important facts about himself—no one would have voted for him had he told the truth.  His family and friends hid the truth too.  His former students hid the truth.  His former teachers hid the truth.  His political peers hid the truth.  And worst of all the left-leaning media hid the truth.  Everyone on the Left who knew the truth hid the truth.

This guy is a bummer in so many ways. What a bummer this President is always on vacation.  How many times have we seen national and global events unfold, and there he is, Obama on the golf links, away on vacation, or giving another election speech to adoring fans in a non-election year? 

What a bummer, the hypocrisy.  While running for office Obama chastised Bush and previous administrations—rightly so—for their lack of transparency and deficit spending.  President Obama is arguably the LEAST transparent of Presidential administrations in the modern age.  And deficit spending?  Don’t get me started.  What a bummer.

Obama is a man of no action, leaving his Leftist followers unfettered to do all the dirty work of working.   Obama is a hands-off guy.  Didn’t anyone find it unusual Obama left the work of crafting his signature law ObamaCare to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats of Congress?  The signature Leftist achievement of his first term in office!  I guess he was too busy being the first “cool” President.  Which leads us to the next bummer:  not taking responsibility for anything.

What a bummer this President doesn’t take responsibility for anything.  He acts like nothing is his fault.  Obama has been blaming Bush since Obama took office.  Anything that goes wrong he ignores or blames on his political enemies. 

How many times has this President announced some new big job-creating program, and then as the headlines on joblessness fade in coming weeks, the new big job program falls to the way side.  It’s astounding.  I think he’s done this six times in the past six years—big announcement, then nothing.  This guy has no conviction.

I don’t think anyone doubts Obama’s intelligence.  He’s a smart guy.  And I can’t imagine how demanding the job of President is, day in and day out.  No one doubts Obama cares about the wellbeing of people.  And he’s not sexist or racist or homophobic.  No one doubts these attributes in the man.  I don’t. 

The only thing I really like about this President is that he doesn’t care for the job.  He seems to hate the job of President as much as he hates the U.S. Constitution.  That’s an odd blessing in disguise.   Like other college eggheaded professor types, he’s an ineffective leader; he doesn’t know how the world works and has no desire to learn how it works.  He was cocooned on campus from the real world as student and then as teacher himself, bottled up in a world of platitudes and concepts.  This happens to most college students too, but they eventually grow-up get jobs, pay taxes, raise a family, and figure out how the real world works. 

We basically have an egghead running the country.  Who can deny Obama keeps on staff members—incompetent administrators—scandal after scandal, people who should have been fired long ago?  He keeps his staff like a college dean protecting his tenured professors, a bunch of eggheads sequestered on campus from the real world of responsibility, accountability, and consequences.

Our first black President couldn’t be more of a disappointment.  No honesty, no integrity, no conviction, no sense of responsibility, no courage, no leadership.  What a bummer. And he’s a socialist/Marxist.  He’s a man who lives in his head.   A man of ideas, not a man of action.  The closest he gets to “action” is giving speeches.  But, thank goodness for us he is not a “strong man” in the political sense like other ambitious and ruthless dictators of “action” like Castro or Hitler.  

Nevertheless, we have grave concern.  The danger of Obama is not his actions, but his inaction—his omission.  He lives by omission.  Just as he omitted the facts about his Marxist ideology to the voting public, he is a man who omits action.  The omission man.  Unfortunately, the world is a hostile place full of evil men of action eager to take what others will not defend.


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