Our American Brother, the Atheist

America was founded on Judeo/Christian values.  Our Founders were devout men of God.  Prayerful men and women.  Humble.  God-fearing.  Many were ministers, pastors.  They were Bible-thumping, Scripture-quoting, church goers.  The works of our Founders are replete with reference to and reverence for God.  We believe God gave us our rights, not man, not government.  Unalienable rights—rights only God can take away from us.

But what of our brother countrymen, the American atheists?  What about our agnostics, our non-religious, our non-believers?  Where do they stand?  What place have they in our Judeo/Christian nation?  The atheist cries out, “Where is my freedom from your religion?”

In America, you are free to believe or not believe in God. But there is no such protection or “freedom” from religion in America.

Still, the atheist claims, “Why should I be subject to the traditions, philosophies, or values of any religion?  I do not believe rights come from a god.  I shouldn’t have to believe what you believe.”

Indeed you don’t.

“Then why,” the atheist continues, “should I be subject to your brand of religion?  The religion of our Founders.  Unalienable rights?  I believe in human rights, but not unalienable rights.”

America is not a religion-free country. America is not a sterile faith-free zone.  We are not purely a secular society.  Nations are nations because of people.  People’s beliefs, customs, values and traditions shape the culture of a nation, found the culture of nations, change the culture of nations.

As long as people believe in God, believe God is our Creator, that He fashioned each of us with love, purpose, and intention, that we are eternal creations who transcend this world at our death, and remain personally accountable for our actions here and hereafter, the people of a nation will exult God above all things, including one’s nation, and even one’s self.  Our Founders just wanted a place where they and we could freely believe and worship the God of our choosing, unencumbered by government.

The majority of our Founders were Christians.  The majority of Americans today are Christians.  Until atheism becomes the majority “religion” you atheists might remind yourselves that today’s majority believe you have unalienable rights, and those God-given rights include your right to deny the existence of God.  Contrast that against your hopes for a nation dominated by atheists, sanitized of religion. Envision a nation where rights are given to you and taken away from you by man, by the whim of government.  Such a nation may be no more tolerant of your right to agree than your right to disagree.

Better to be lost to God than found by man.

Let’s get through this walk hand-in-hand with love and tolerance.




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