Orlando Massacre: Religion of Peace Strikes Again


I’ve been working on an article for Prodigal Sons this week, but last night’s terrorist attack on U.S. soil requires a response.

A Florida man entered a night club in Orlando, Florida last night and opened fire. He is a Fundamentalist Muslim with ties to ISIS.  More than 50 people are reported dead, 50 more in the hospital with gunshot wounds.  It is the single largest act of terrorism on U.S. soil since 9-11.  The shooter was shot and killed by police.  ISIS is claiming credit for the massacre and is promising more attacks.

I am so disgusted by the disgrace in the person of our President that I have little to say about this tragic and preventable attack at this time.  Now is a time for mourning, prayer, and reflection; not political advantage or bravado.

But I will say this. I say it to the millions of peaceful Reformed Muslims in America.  Particularly to those Reformed Muslims who immigrated (legally) to America, embrace and assimilate our cultural melting pot, and cherish our freedoms; to those who are relatively new to liberty and still learning who and what we are.  This message is for you.

Your life and family are in danger. 

If you do not confront the evil threatening the future of your faith it is YOU, not the Fundamentalist Muslims, who are in greater danger.

After all, Fundamentalist Muslims are trying to peck a fight with us to usher the apocalypse.  They welcome the fight.

This is not a threat. It not in my nature to threaten.  This is an observation you may find helpful.  Americans truly embrace immigration—legal immigration— of all religions and denominations.  We welcome you.  But, as a U.S. citizen who was born and raised here, a flag-waving, 4th-of-July-celebrating, dyed-in-the-wool, red-blooded American man, I can tell you that patriotic American men and women are not going to put up with this “Muslim $hit” much longer.  Americans are reaching critical mass.  I beg you, do NOT gauge the climate of the average American temperament by what you hear the man in the White House telling you.

I am no authority on the issue. I don’t speak for anyone but myself.  I can only go by the gauge of what I’m hearing and feeling.  Peaceful Reformed Muslims are in danger in the U.S. unless decisive reform comes.

You have my sympathy. On one side you are threatened by Fundamentalist Muslims for not being “Muslim enough.”  On the other side you are threatened by a growing hostility in the  American public.  You have a choice, and your life depends upon it.

Your Fundamentalist Muslim brothers thrust this upon you, not your fellow Americans.

You must now choose—rat out and reform the radicals in your religion or face indiscriminate retribution from your fellow Americans. You have lost the luxury of neutrality.  You must choose sides and act decisively.  May God give you strength, guide you, and protect you and your family in the growing darkness.  Choose against the darkness and you will find a band of brothers like no other in your fellow Americans.

God bless the victims, families, and friends of this horrible attack. Our prayers are with you.


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