Obama’s Non-Surge Surge on ISIS

Last night President Obama addressed the nation in a sharp rebuke of ISIS, laying out a 4-step plan to “destroy” this terrorist organization who threatens stability in the region and American interests.

Ha ha aha ha ahah.  Does Obama really think we believe a word he said?  This is laughable.  Is there anyone who really believes Obama wants to do what he said he’s going to do to ISIS?  Obama is a consummate liar.  I believe nothing that comes out of this man’s mouth.  This man has been lying and deceiving the American people since before he took office.

This man is driven by two motives: intellectually he is disgusted by America’s founding principles; and two, emotionally he is driven by vanity to self-adulation—his popularity in the polls.

Obama hates America and its founding principles.  Obama is a dyed-in-the-wool Leftist.  The only respect I have for the man is that he is an ideologue—he truly and firmly believes in his Leftist ideology.  I too am a staunch ideologue, only I hold true and firm my conservative ideology.  I respect ideologues.  Ideologues have a set of beliefs that inform their decisions, based on a consistent set of principles and values.  The Left has different values than conservatives.  But, at least the Left acts consistently on their values; at least they have integrity about their misguided values.

You know what’s worse than a Leftist ideologue?  Liars and pragmatists.

So, here’s Obama giving a speech.  A Leftist ideologue.  A Leftist ideologue—a Marxist in fact—giving a speech to the American public claiming he’s going to destroy ISIS.  I’ll tell you what.  The only thing he truly wants to destroy is the U.S. Constitution.  By initiating a long-term military campaign against ISIS in two foreign countries without a declaration of war by the Congress, Obama can further defeat the U.S. Constitution.  Obama doesn’t give a hoot about the age-old Sunni/Shia religious civil war.  (And frankly, I don’t give a hoot about the Sunni/Shia family feud either.)

What we have here is a Leftist ideologue, Obama, lying to the American people.  Again.  He doesn’t believe what he’s saying.  His heart isn’t into it.  He’s not committed to the words coming out of his mouth.  It’s a complete lie and pony show.

I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen now that the President’s non-surge surge speech is done.  Obama isn’t going to do a damn thing.  Yeah, maybe he’ll continue pin-point airstrikes here and there.  Maybe send some humanitarian relief when it’s politically convenient.  But other than that, Obama aint gonna do a darn thing.  He has no intention of implementing his 4-step ISIS plan and accomplish the mission.  As always, he is sweeping global affairs under the rug, anxious for the next attention-getting news cycle to cover his tracks.

Foreign affairs are a pain in the butt for Obama;  he’d rather spend his time fundamentally transforming America and basking in the applause of his admirers.

Goodness sakes, what’s worse than a Leftist ideologue who lies to hide it?



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