Memorial Tribute to the Cause of Liberty


Memorial Day, 2016. To all those whose lives have been lost or touched by the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation, we salute you.

Arlington National Cemetary credit Frank Gruber

Arlington National Cemetery Photo Frank Gruber


2016 marks the 4th anniversary of Prodigal Sons of Liberty (PSOL).  THANK YOU to all subscribers, regular readers, and occasional visitors.  Without your steady and growing interest my commitment to this endeavor might have flagged.

I launched PSOL on Memorial Day 2012 after long prayer and contemplation. I remember when the site had as many as 20 subscribers, to my astonishment and gratitude.  One hundred subscribers was a BIG deal—crazy!  The only people who had read my writing before PSOL were family, friends, and teachers. 1000 subscribers?  I couldn’t imagine copies of my articles delivered instantly to 1000 email addresses of living breathing human beings across the country.  Today, PSOL has more than 5000 active subscribers!  That’s humbling.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a patriot’s blog to start today. Right now!  Go on the internet and search how to start a blog. Tons of free and easy-to-learn info out there.  Starting and maintaining a blog can cost as low as the price of buying a domain name—$10 annually.  Pray about it, ask for help, and join the cause of liberty.

You don’t have to be a seasoned writer, trained journalist, or constitutional scholar to be a patriot blogger. All you need is passion and honesty.  You don’t have to write every day.  You don’t have to write long articles.  You don’t have to have perfect grammar, proper punctuation, or flawless spelling.  No one expects you to unravel life’s profundities.  Write about the things you care about, that interest you, or excite you.  If you’re honest, someone out there is going to relate to you, and—BLAMMO—you have your first subscriber.

For example, here’s an honest post:  Am I the only one who spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on canned foods that expired back in 2012?  Don’t get me wrong, I still keep my preps stocked, but I feel like a knucklehead every time I find another can of corn gone expired!  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  Another buck and half down the toilet.  I’m no good at rotating stock.  I’m a stock it and forget it guy.  Which works out pretty good for ammo.

Don’t expect to get rich blogging.  Blog because you enjoy it.  Blog to connect with others so you don’t feel alone out there.  Blog to feel a part of something bigger than yourself—like the patriot movement.  Blog because you like teaching and sharing information with others.  Blog to get your anger and frustration out.  Blog to sort out your thoughts and feelings.  Or whatever.

I’m a one-man show here at PSOL.  I’ve been pouring myself into my blog for 4 years, and I haven’t made a dime.  But I keep plugging away, posting articles when I can.  I’m a single dad working full-time holding down a house (for as long as I can).  I’m trying new things here and there on the website.  I’m learning.  I HATE techy stuff.  My free time of late is divided between writing for PSOL and a novel I began last year.  I’ve never written a full-length fiction novel.  It’s a story about patriots working together to restore our constitutional republic.  If all goes well, I’ll offer it as an eBook on PSOL while I’m shopping it out to pulp publishers.  I’m a slow writer, so I don’t expect it done anytime this year.  When it’s ready I’ll publish a few chapters publically so you can see if the writing and storyline are worth your time and money.

That done. I’m ready to pen another article about this disgraceful President, corrupt Congress, anti-Christian Justices, and the rest of the evil traitorous lot in D.C.

God bless our beloved fallen.


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