Memorial Day 2014 & PSOL’s 2nd Anniversary

Memorial Day is a solemn day for America.  In November is Veteran’s Day on which we honor the service of former servicemen and women.  In May we observe Memorial Day when we honor the fallen, the heroes who did not come home, those who were not reunited with loved ones, who did not march in homecoming parades.  Those who sacrificed everything.

The families who survive the sacrifice of their husband, son, wife, daughter, father, mother to the service of our country suffer much and now have less.  Let us not forget their personal sacrifice, so that we may have more.

I often think about our fallen soldiers, our wounded, and their families at home.  I think about the wars in which they fought.  The undeclared wars.  Every major conflict since World War II: Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, the ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Undeclared and unsanctioned.

It’s a wholly tragic irony our Presidents and Congress are sending soldiers into harm’s way by circumventing the very document our soldiers are sworn to defend.   The U.S. Constitution.  The politicians circumvent the very law our good men and women are sent to defend!  It’s a crime.  A crime that politicians can get away with I suppose because  Americans are no longer taught the Constitution in school, and because our armed services are voluntary today.

Which raises the ugly question:  Did my son die in vain?

It is an ugly question.  And it is a question anticipated by our Founding Fathers when they crafted the Constitution.  They accounted for it as well as a peace-loving nation could, and human nature would allow.  To their great credit, and to our great shame.

To the surviving families of fallen soldiers, know you have a grateful nation.  Millions of Americans thank you and pray for you.  One nation under God.  A God of great mercy for each of His children.  A God in Whom not one of us lives a day longer than He allows, nor dies a day sooner than He permits.  God, we surrender to Your great love and the mystery of Your great wisdom.  God grant us strength as we march forward and await the joyful reunions You promise.

Let’s bring our troops home.  Bring them home from these undeclared unconstitutional wars.  Let’s have a heros’ parade across the nation. Bring ‘em home now so we may honor them in November instead of remembering them in May.


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