Looking for George Washington

Looking for George Washington?  Our nation is sorely in need of a modern day George Washington.  And a Jefferson.  An Adams or two.  And Benjamins both.  Men of honesty, integrity, honor, and service.  Men of character.  A man or woman whose character is above reproach.  Someone who can lead.  Someone like our Founding Fathers.  Someone we can trust.  But I think this approach—this searching, this auditioning—is misguided.

Men are of course fallible.  All of our Founders had their foibles.  They weren’t perfect.  They were men.  Human.  Fallen.  George Washington for all his worthiness was wrong about our banking/monetary system.  He and Hamilton.  Thomas Jefferson on the other hand was right.  Each had their human shortcomings and strengths.  But they all had two very important things in common.  For one, by God’s hand, they were all at the same place at the same time in history.

Second.  In our pursuit for today’s George Washington we overlook the most important aspect of George Washington.  To our great detriment.  George’s greatness—his courage, his integrity, and honor—did not come from George.  It came from the Holy Spirit. It came from the Holy Spirit as surely as our escape from certain defeat time and time again across the battle map of the Revolutionary War.  As certain as our Constitution was inspired by God.  Indeed, the hand of God worked powerfully through our many Founders.

George Washington’s greatness lies not in his military prowess nor his wisdom, but in his humility.  His humility.  It was through his humility the Holy Spirit could enter in him and accomplish the impossible.  We are nothing; God doeth the works.  And I believe George Washington would humbly submit God Himself deserves all the glory for his life-long accomplishments.

A pastor of mine once said, “God does not honor ability as much as He honors availability.”  I see evidence of that truth time and again.

I think God calls us to trust in Him.  How can I be so certain?  Well, I am never certain of God’s will.  However, it has been my experience that God calls me to walk by faith, not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7).  He calls us to action, to make an honest effort—as imperfect as that will be—and trust God with the results.

When I read the writings of our Founders I am absolutely stunned by their humble words and example.  Thank you God for sending us such humble servants.  They weren’t perfect.  They were better than perfect—they were available.

God may be urging us today:  “Choose a few good men and women.  Humble men and women to whom I can send the Holy Spirit.  I will make of them great men and women, and you a great nation.  You shall see in them My hand.  And know it is I.”


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