Liberals Eat Their Own Children

Megyn Kelly invited Dinesh D’Souza on her show Fox News’ The Kelly File, Sept. 5th.   They were discussing Ms. Kelly’s recent interview with Leftist Ward Churchill.  Mr. D’Souza identified Ward Churchill as an “extremist on the far left.”  He is.  Then to make a point about extremists on the far left verses extremists on the far right, Mr. D’Souza said skin heads and the Ku Klux Klan(KKK) are examples extremists on the far right.  I was absolutely appalled and surprised Mr. D’Souza considers skin heads and the KKK examples of extremists on the far right.  This could not be further from the truth.

I am amazed D’Souza would say something so ill-informed.  I adore Mr. D’Souza and laude his work championing the founding principles of our great nation.  Maybe he misspoke.  But he said what he said.

Skin heads and KKK do not represent the extreme far-right of conservatism.  It’s not even a logical conclusion they could.  It does not logically follow skin heads and KKK are more conservative than average conservatives, want less government control in public life than conservatives, nor are they more respectful of individual liberties than conservatives.  That is a lie crafted and perpetuated by the Left.  I can only conclude the good Mr. D’Souza misspoke or has not yet considered his illogical conclusion.  For all the lies the Left has posited and which Mr. D’Souza has countered, I’m amazed he has not unveiled this one yet.

Consider the following ideological scale.  It is based on government control of individual liberties.  Greater government control vs. lesser government control.  (Pardon my impromptu graphics.  It’s faster for me to handcraft the chart.  And it’s more fun for me.)

Scale ideology

Skin heads, the Klan, the Black Panthers, and other hate groups rely on control to accomplish their ends.  They rely upon authority, intimidation, secrecy, bigotry, and violence.  Does that sound like a conservative liberty-loving live-and-let-live group?  Of course not.  They are not conservative minded in the least.  Hate groups hope to some day have a role in government—be it local or national—with authority to accomplish their twisted vision of America.  Government authority is always the end-game for Leftists.

The Nazis for example were national socialists.  Calling themselves the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  Socialists!  Leftists!  At odds during the 1920s and 30s with the communist party in Germany for control of Germany.  Both factions were Leftists.  National socialism and communism are breeding grounds for racism, intolerance, corruption, and control.   Playing the race card is a favorite blame-and-divide game the Left plays to gain control.  When you see organized racism, think Left not Right.

The Left eat their own children.  Hideous splinter factions, such as skin heads and the Klan arise out of Leftist ideology, and are soon abandoned by the parents of that ideology.  Leftist ideology breeds monsters of control, conformity, intolerance, and corruption.  Who are the parents of these detestable groups?  Well-intentioned liberals, or course.  It is the well spring of “well intentioned” liberalism that gives rise to socialism, statism, monarchies, dictatorships, communism, Marxism, and racial purism—not conservatism.

Conservatism is an easy target on which the Left can dump its unwanted offspring.  Hate groups are an evil bunch.  No one of faith and character associates with them.  But the Left dumps off their wayward children on conservatism.  How is it they can do this so effectively?  Because, in conservatism, you are free to think, act, and believe whatever you wish (so long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others).  In other words, conservatives are free to love or hate whomever or whatever they wish; you can choose to be a loving kind generous soul, or a detestable hate-filled bigot.  You have the liberty to choose.  That’s how Leftists have been able to unburden themselves of skin heads and KKK, by re-labeling them conservatives.

Why has the Left been so effective at re-labeling hate groups, bigots, racists, skin heads and KKK as “conservatives” to the public?  Because the Left naturally work as collective groups.  Conservatives instead tend to act as individuals.  A group message carries more weight at the public level than individuals crying out.  That’s why the Left is so good at organizing—they are naturally “collective” minded.  Conservatives have a terrible time organizing as a political group because it’s not in our nature to act collectively.  The Left sees themselves and others as collective groups.

The Left sees the monstrosities they’ve fostered then deny their relationship to them. They deny them, bearing false witness, using the media and academia to distance themselves from their own progeny, claiming, “They aren’t related to us.  They are the children of them!  Those conservatives!”  The Left re-labels their progeny “conservatives” in order to save face while marching onward to their mythical utopia.  It’s amazing.

Evil always eats its own children.  Evil always ends up at odds with itself because evil cannot exist in a state of harmony.  Only something intrinsically good can exist in a state of harmony.



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