Liberals are Offensive by Nature

Liberals (leftists, socialists, progressives, Marxists, communists) are offensive by nature. They must be on the attack to forward their agenda of control. They attack to take away what is given us by God—our unalienable rights. What is given us by God is ours to keep and defend. Conservatives are defensive by nature.

In military terms, offensive action means moving out from one’s position, attacking, and moving one’s position forward in an aggressive effort to take something away from the enemy, e.g. land, resources, initiative, etc. Taking away something the enemy believes belongs to them. A defensive action is one in which one stays put, stands their ground, protects their position, vantage, locale or resources. Defensive action is an effort to maintain or keep hold of what one believes belongs to them by repelling the enemy’s offensive effort to take it away.

Offensive action against a government or a people is generally the tactic of the left. This trait is also common for persons godless, immoral, and/or mentally disturbed. (Example of mentally disturbed: Timothy McVeigh, bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, 1995.)

You can always tell the difference between a truly conservative militia verses militias incorrectly labeled by the media as “Radical Right-Wing” militias. A truly conservative militia does not take offensive action—acting out deliberately against the government and community. In fact, a true conservative militia understands it is not truly a militia at all, as practiced by our Founders. A state or local militia by its very nature is a defensive force. Militias in the day of our Founders were a gathering of men in a community, called if necessary to defend the community if attacked by outsiders. The militias of our Founders did NOT gather, train, plot, and carry-out offensive actions against government agencies or neighboring communities. So, if you hear a news report of a “Radical Right Wing” militia group assassinating a Congress woman, blowing-up federal buildings, going on a shooting spree on an army base, or setting explosive charges under a bridge, you know these culprits are either leftists, or immoral, or are simply deranged.

The leftists, socialists, progressives, Marxists, communists must proceed offensively. They must take away from us what God has given us. They must advance on our unalienable rights. Our unalienable rights stand in the way of the leftists’ plans. The leftists cannot enact their agenda until people surrender their unalienable rights. After surrendering our unalienable rights, the leftists will replace those God-given rights with government-given rights. With government-given rights, the leftists have all the control of the people they require (for our own good, of course).

Consider the foreign policy of our Founding Fathers. Offensive or defensive in character? Defensive, clearly. Our Founders desperately hoped to remain untangled in foreign affairs, especially Europe’s never ending squabbles.

More simply though, the conservative has a live and let live attitude. I’ll take care of my stuff; you take care of yours. My stuff is none of your business. We conservatives like our privacy. And, we are generally quite generous sharing our personal time and treasure to help neighbors and community. We are responsible for ourselves and for those whom we chose to help. We do this because it’s what God would have a do. It’s the moral thing to do. And we find in doing so we are ourselves lifted.

Conservatives are not particularly interesting in “spreading the good news” of unalienable rights. Why is that? Because our Founders respected the notion of freely worshiping as one chooses. There were at least 6 competing Christian faiths—in hot disagreement among each other—during the founding years of our nation. But, they did agree eventually on the most important God-given rights. It was contrary to our national character to force our brand of “American Constitutionalism” on other countries. Conservatives do not rush out on Sunday mornings to neighbors houses and push their personal faith on their neighbor’s. That is an abhorrent thought to a conservative. We are not offensive by nature. We are far more comfortable keeping to ourselves and giving help when asked.

Everything is pretty much honkey dory until some leftists comes along and tries to take away what belongs to me, my position, land, resources, initiative, and God-given rights.

Word to leftists out there. You want a fight? We’ll wait for the whites of your eyes. You bringing your offense to our defense. But, you better bring it. And I mean bring it. Because no one defends America like Americans!





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