Letter to a Friend: Doubt, Divide & Destroy

I have been wanting to write a personal post.  I’ve covered some general news topics lately, and feel I’m due for a more intimate post.  A personal post.  And it occurred to me I might simply post a recent email I wrote to a good friend that was well received.  I’ve always enjoyed reading letters as a literary genre.

However, this is something I do not feel 100% comfortable doing, even once.  For two reasons.  The email below is removed from the context of an ongoing correspondence.  And second, my friend should always know I’m writing directly and privately to him—and not with the intention of filling empty pages on my website.   In this case though, given the topic and feelings expressed, I think there may be some value for a larger audience in sharing my recent correspondence.

I did not omit nor change a single phrase from the original text of the email.  And it is reprinted here with permission of its recipient.  Names redacted.  With that lengthy but necessary introduction, here is my letter to a good friend in all its raw, politically incorrect, and grammatically clumsy state:


Hi [name],

Friday morning.

Thank you for your words of consolation.  I think, in my doubt, I am suffering—as you allude—to the father of lies.  The truth of the real state of the economy is being hidden by those who would gain from the deception.  Lies.  Damnable lies.  If not for personal gain, then to control the unknown of the outcomes whence the light of truth reveals.

We wouldn’t want to tell the truth now, would we?  “What would people do if they knew the truth? They’d become unruly.”  This is what they fear—losing control.  That’s how the godless Left is.  It’s just like their policies about taking children away from their parents, psychologically.   (Or, physically, in the case of CPS cases and boarding schools.)  It’s frightening when [my 10-year old son’s name] tells me I’m wrong and his teachers are right;  that I don’t know what I’m talking about.  He’s convinced of it.  The authority school convinces children about school.  It separates children from their parents.

The Left are dividers(devil), not uniters(God).  Most people on the Left do not even know they are doing this.  Those at the “top” of the Left plot and plan, but even they do not know they have fallen into the clutches of the dark one.

The Left won’t leave us alone in the same room with truth.  They don’t trust the outcome.

It’s about control.  In the absence of God and faith, the Left is frightened and so are compelled to control people and situations.  The Left replaces the vacuum of godlessness by inserting themselves in God’s stead.  And if their intentions are good, that makes the Left all the more zealous for their cause.

You may well be right how the depressed economy slowly and painfully drifts toward despair and destruction [as opposed to a series of sudden violent economic steps downward as I fear].

I have to find a way to live with the lies that are causing the doubts I suffer.  So I greatly appreciate your reminder that, in the end, God wins.  God, in fact, is allowing the lies to live for now.  It’s His will.  And I need to accept that.  I think my job at PSOL is let people know they are not alone.  I can expose the lies, but it’s not my job to correct or punish the liars.

I’m not crazy.  I’m just frustrated because I don’t have the power to change what’s wrong.

Gotta go.

By God’s Grace,

—(my name)


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