Let America Have Its Socialist Experiment

I think sometimes, why waste all this time and money and energy and worry.  I’m fighting a losing battle as a constitutional conservative.  Just give up the fight.  Why not let them win.  Why not let the American voters have their socialist utopia.  Let voters have their imagined land of the free stuff and home of the knave.  Heck, most Americans don’t know which came first, the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution.

Five generations of American citizens have suffered misinformation and indoctrination under Progressive Leftist education.  And the higher up you go in education the more Marxist the curriculum.  I should know.  I majored in Political Science at a large state university; in not one class did we study the U.S. Constitution.  The most profound history-altering government document in the history of man, and the professors somehow skipped it.

Academia and media, that’s where the Leftists secured their beachhead on our founding principles 100 years ago.  The media is long-considered the 4th branch of government in America.  A check on political abuse and corruption (well, not so much if a Leftist is in office).  Does anyone really believe the media today is unbiased?  Objective?  Impartial or trustworthy?  No, because all the reporters, editors, and anchors, and columnists attended the same Leftist Progressive public schools we all did.

I’m bumping up against 100 years of Leftist Progressive indoctrination ingrained in American students for generations.  Clearly, constitutional conservatives are a minority today.  And today’s media simply supports all the Leftists non-sense reporters learned in public schools.  Reporters have nothing controversial to report today because everywhere they look America is doing great, America is on track, America is becoming the ideal America taught to us in school.

Why not give the majority of American voters what they are clamoring for?  Give them their ObamaCare.  Give them their socialism.  We’re practically there anyway, thanks to Presidents Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Nixon, G.W. Bush, and Obama.  (I have no kind words for Pres. Reagan’s irresponsible deficit spending either.)

Expect more taxes.  Taxes are like smoke.  Where you smell smoke you’ll find the fire of socialism burning down the house of capitalism, free enterprise, and economic liberty.

But socialism aint free.  It comes at the price of individual liberty.  American voters appear ready to pay the price.  Half the American populous is begging for socialism, though many do not know the price is liberty.  And individual liberty is hard to get back after you give it away.  Once you give up your liberties to an armed government, it’s dicey getting it back.

So, why not let Americans have their socialist experiment?  Just give it to them.  Let them have it.  See how they like it.  We’re all adults, right?.  Let them learn their lesson.  In the meantime, I could lay low, care for my family, work, pay bills, and mind my own business.

I wish I could.

I wish it was that easy.

We don’t choose the battles we can win.  Any fool can do that.  Rather, we’re winning because we can still choose our battles.


(Edited 05-26-2014):  Five generations, not Ten generations)

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