Leftists inherently reject the idea of God

Interesting to see the far Left and the far Right(me) are both against the pending U.S. strike on Syrian.  Doesn’t surprise me though.  To their credit—the Left—know it’s wrong in a philosophical secular sense as a community of neighboring nations.  For those of us on the Right, we know it’s wrong morally in a religious sense as well as wrong in a Constitutional sense.

The overwhelming majority of Americans appear to oppose the strike.  Many Americans are war-weary and have little confidence in President Obama’s leadership as Commander-in-Chief.

Predictably, Obama’s flawed Leftist philosophy is failing.  You see how he got himself tangled up?  His vanity and lack of conviction forced him to seek Congress’ approval, and now he regrets having done so.  Now he is REALLY stuck.  If Congress votes no on Syria, what will Obama do then?  Obama has lost the nation, the Right AND the Left.

That’s the beauty of Leftist philosophy:  it always fails itself.  Life, human nature is as constant as a math equation, and the Left cannot understand why the sum of the equation never turns out to be the answer they want.  2 + 2 equals 4, but Leftists always try to make it equal 5.  Leftist policies always end up backfiring and exposing the failure of their good intentions.  They want to end human suffering, but think they can do so via government.  Leftists inherently reject the idea of God.  The idea that God allows suffering is abhorrent to them.  And so, through means of government, man should rule over man, control his destiny, his will, and eradicate suffering.  As if suffering is a disease, and government is the medicine.  The Left will tax tax tax and spend spend spend to inoculate suffering.  But, no matter how much they tax and spend, 2 + 2 = 4.

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