Leftists Cannot Hijack the U.S. Military

The great frustration of Leftist in America is their failure to hijack the hearts and minds of the good men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.  On one hand, the Leftists require the obedience of the U.S. military to enforce the Left’s overreaching authority on American citizens; on the other hand, the Left despises the U.S. military.  (The Left suffers the same frustration with law enforcement.) How does the Left hope to commandeer the loyalty of such a force they need, but simultaneously hate?  How can they hope to accomplish this?

They can’t.  That’s the Left’s frustration, and our great fortune.  The Left cannot reconcile with a body of men and women sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.  Changing the Constitution will not work; the principles of freedom embodied in our Founding documents are sewn into the fabric of our hearts.  This is America’s great abiding fortune, a great fortune unique to America.  A fortune not even shared with our cousins in Western Europe.

The Leftists in America know they cannot hijack U.S. Armed Forces to accomplish their ends.  Try as they might, they cannot help but show disdain for our men and women in uniform: hamstringing military justice, cutting military budgets, pink-slipping officers in the field, implementing impossible rules of engagement, relieving effective commanders, ignoring routine medical care for wounded vets, conducting unjustifiable prisoner swaps, punishing whistle-blowers, leaving U.S. home bases unprotected from Islamic terrorism, casting blame on the military for the State Department’s failures, etc.

Leftists are still the same ungrateful bastards who spat on our troops returning from the hell of Vietnam.

The Leftist of America cannot win the obedience they desperately need from our military men and women.  The Left has but one alternative:  Build a private army in America.  A civilian army loyal to a Leftist U.S. government, not the U.S. Constitution.  A force whose hearts and minds are dedicated to Leftist ideology. This ought to sound familiar.  Obama mentioned America needs such a force, a “civilian national security force,” in a speech 07-02-2008 (http://www.factcheck.org/2008/11/obamas-national-security-force/).

Hitler and his leftist totalitarian followers were able to commandeer Germany’s military in the 1930s.  But, Hitler didn’t start with the military.  He started with his band of Brown Shirts, thugs who later became the Gestapo civilian national police.  Hitler won the hearts and minds of enough Germans to finally commandeer Germany’s decimated army. Hitler then enlarged the military to a world-class force.  By fear, Hitler suppressed his critics. By economic promises fulfilled, Hitler dissuaded doubts and returned dignity.  By scapegoating Jews, Hitler absolved the German people of responsibility. By playing to their “superior” Aryan ancestry, Hitler healed a shattered pride.

Could this happen in America?  That’s what Leftists in America are hoping, but with a “nice Gestapo, not a mean Gestapo.”  The IRS for example is a powerful ready-made tool Leftists can wield to instill fear, suppressing critics.

What Germany had that America humbly lacks is a racial “superiority” component.  We Americans tout our national pride, yes, but that is different than claims to ethnic or genetic superiority.  American “exceptionalism” is not a product of our genetic ancestry, but a product of the very liberties we defend.

Without a force to out-match U.S. Armed Forces and local law enforcement sworn to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, the Left will be hard pressed to enforce the authority they are compelled to impose.  America is the Left’s Achilles Heel.



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