Lady Liberty is Pregnant!

The election of Barack Obama to the Presidency is the perfect result of a one hundred year war waged against our nation’s Founding principles by the Progressive movement.  Obama is the crowning achievement of the Leftist’s agenda to dismantle our Constitution, invalidate the source of our God-given rights, abolish private property, unleash limited government, destroy free-enterprise capitalism, nullify the integrity of our country as a sovereign nation, and mark anyone who maintains our Founding principles as an enemy of the “new” Progressive America.

I am that enemy.  I am an enemy of the new Progressive America.  Count me a traitor to the new America.  I will have none of it.

Imagine a huge round stone.  Imagine a stone pushed up a hill to the top by the Progressive movement.  They reach the top of the hill after 100 years.  They rest.  Obama is elected.  Now imagine Obama and the Progressives pushing that stone, it moves, it rolls, and gently gravity eases the strain of pushing.  Over the top it rolls, slowly at first, of its own. It rolls away picking up speed.  An unstoppable force of momentum.  That’s where we’re at today.  (This is perhaps irrelevant, but I think trade of Sgt. Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders was the final subtle…push.)

That’s where our country is at today.  One hundred years of Progressivism gnawing away at the foundation of our nation—destroying us from within.  They entered the world of media turning it into a Leftist censor.  They entered our schools uprooting us from our proud and cherished history.  They destroyed the idea working income is private property.  They detached us from the simple and basic principle of sound money.  They reversed the protection we must keep government out of religion, and tell us instead we must keep religion out of government.  They’ve usurped the fundamental idea government is a necessary evil and tell us instead government is the answer to all our problems.  And on and on.

All their planning and scheming is accomplished.  The stone is rolling of its own now, in a downhill disaster to destroy what remains to be destroyed.  The momentum is clearly picking up speed, playing out as one policy disaster after another unfolds on the nightly news.  The chickens are coming home to roost, as Obama’s former pastor famously chided.

Nevertheless, I have good reason to be optimistic.  Which sounds kinda pollyanna, I know.  It’s not.  I am NOT optimistic we can avoid the pain of destruction.  I am optimistic about what follows.  There is good news.

Lady Liberty is pregnant!

Lady Liberty is pregnant; however, no wishful thinking will avoid the pains of childbirth.

There will be pain, and the sooner we accept that fact the better prepared we can be.  I hear some of us whistling in the dark.  As we get closer to the spiraling momentum of destruction, I see some of us—who know darn well what’s coming—hiding their heads in the sand.  Which is fine.  Many of us have done our part, completing the roles God assigned us. In all fairness, many of us have done more than our share.  For the rest of us, much more is expected.

This is serious business.  These are serious times for serious people.  This is the age in which we were born.  For a reason.  For a purpose.  And God is not ambivalent.  God has an opinion on the matter.

My first loyalty is to God.  As was our Founders’.  Second, to my country.  Everything else follows.  Without those two things in that order nothing worthwhile follows.  I am a child of God and a son of Liberty, in that order.

I don’t know when Lady Liberty gives birth.  I don’t know her due date.  But the Left will do everything in its power to abort her pregnancy.   I think it’s logical to assume Liberty delivers after the worst of the coming destruction has passed.  And this is important: It is for THAT moment we need to be prepared—NOT so much for the coming destruction.

The coming destruction cannot be prevented.  Possibly mitigated, but not prevented.  I believe it is what happens AFTERWARDS that will determine the fate of America.  That’s what we liberty-loving patriotic Americans should be preparing for.  We need to be preparing now for that keen moment, that passing window of history when we step forward and carefully cut the chord and place Liberty’s newborn in her bosom.  Liberty and Truth under God.  And the pain and cries, division and lies pass into tranquility, freedom, and brotherly love.


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