I’m Back. A New Hope.

Welcome again to Prodigal Sons of Liberty.  I have been away for a while.  I will get to that in a moment.  First, I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to register as subscribers to my website.  Your interest has been most encouraging during an otherwise difficult time of personal losses for me.  And second, I wish to thank the thousands of Visitors who found my website these past nine months.  I thank each and every one of you.

As for my absence and return.  I have been aching to return.  Aching to write and publish insightful and informative patriotic articles.  But, I have been unable to do so.  And frankly, desperately wanting to produce articles, but finding myself without the emotional wherewithal to do so.  I write because I must, and during this time of emotional turmoil I have been writing volumes of emails to friends.  Volumes!  Writing is healing for me.  My emails, as you might guess, are quite personal, intimate, and inappropriate for publishing.  However, I am feeling moved by the Holy Spirit (I believe) to personalize my writing on Prodigal Sons of Liberty.  To share more intimately my personal struggles in this economy, my pain and fears.  To reach out to those in suffering and fear, if to just one person, to let them know they are not alone.

This may in fact mark a new beginning for Prodigal Sons of Liberty.  No less Liberty.  No less Constitutional conservatism.  No less founding principles of our nation.  Only a more personalized walk through the circumstances we find ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  I fear if I do not follow my heart to make these changes—additions, you might say—to the website, the content may languish yet for months.

Bear with me as I strike a balance between personalizing the articles and being too personal for public broadcast.  Trying to get my sea legs so to speak.  May take a few articles.  And some time.  If I get the hang of it, all should go well.  If all goes well I may be producing volumes of articles, or if you will, logs.


A year and a half ago, fall of 2011, my beloved wife of 10 years surprised me with her decision to divorce me.  No reconciling.  No marriage counseling.  No period of separation.  She’d made up her mind.  Came to me as a total and complete surprise, as we rarely argued, no infidelity as far as I knew, and no abuse of any kind whatsoever.  There was never any talk our marriage was in jeopardy.  Amid tears I begged her to reconsider.  I offered to do or change anything to make things right.  But, she had made up her mind.  We have a son in grade school.  The notion of a divorce was unthinkable to me.

My wife moved out of our married house three weeks later.  I learned through my son, of all people, that “mom” moved into a house with another man.  A man of our acquaintance, no less.

So, that’s the divorce.  As you might imagine, I was swamped with grief, anger, sadness, confusion and depression.

On top of that.  My wife and I owned a small business together.  Because the business was “her” thing, her career path, my role in the business was to manage the business and support her career until such time as we could afford to pay someone to do my job.  We were close to our goal so I could return to my career in investor services.  Instead, the dissolution of our marriage ended our business partnership.  That left me unemployed and looking for work.  Trying to hang-on to the married house, while sharing custody of our son.

The grieving of the divorce started lifting nine months later, about mid-summer 2012.  I thank God for granting me the grace of forgiveness—to forgive my wife, er…ex-wife. However, I’ve been unemployed for most of the past 16 months.  Though I don’t suffer the grieving as I did, I am left with overwhelming fears of financial insecurity.  In all, the loses emotionally and financially have been overwhelming.  Debilitating.

I have much much more to write about the last year and a half.  And much to write about my circumstances today.  For now, this about sums up where I’ve been and why.

Again, thank you for visiting Prodigal Sons of Liberty.  Your interest in my blog has lifted my spirits and is encouraging me to return to my love for writing and my country.  Am hoping this post is a first step forward in my new life, and a new step forward for Prodigal Sons of Liberty.

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