I Changed My Mind: I’m Voting for Romney

I just can’t take it anymore.  I have to give my ballot the most power possible.  Selecting Romney instead of writing-in a candidate gives my vote the most power possible.  This nation cannot withstand the damage of another four years of progressive socialist Marxism.  President Obama must be voted out of office.

In the end, I asked myself what would George Washington urge me to do.  How would Washington counsel me if he and I stood next a blazing campfire in the forests of Pennsylvania?

I think Washington might say something like this:

“Son, your question shows integrity.  Your heart is in the right place.  Your principles are sound and admirable.  But, I think a measure of humility is in order.  Remember your Bible.  Recall the fall of man.  Only in God, in His perfect love, mercy, and grace, can we hope to be lifted above our fall.  The world is imperfect.  Man is imperfect.  Today’s presidential candidates are imperfect.  You may be waiting a long time for a perfect candidate for whom to cast your ballot.  Do not wait for perfection, to cast your lot.  Sally forth!  Participate.  I was not a perfect candidate you recall.  Over the course of my life I made countless decisions choosing between two impossible choices.  I chose as best I could, humbly asking our Heavenly Father for guidance.  Often without knowing the right course I sallied forward.  God the Father knows His children have limitations.  We must take human nature as we find it.  Perfection falls not to the share of mortals*.”

*(Italicized) George Washington to John Jay, August 1st, 1786

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