Hazarding Predictions for SCOTUS and POTUS


I’ve had my hands full with personal matters of late. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to post a short article. More of a prediction than an article. Predictions are funny things; no one is qualified to make one. Of course, only God knows the future. And posting predictions is fraught with nothing but trouble and ridicule.

I emailed a friend this week after Justice Scalia’s sudden and tragic passing. His sudden death is not cause for suspicion, but the fact no autopsy was ordered certainly raises suspicion. Supreme Court Justices are among the most powerful people on the planet, and Justice Scalia had enemies—powerful enemies. Billions, if not trillions, of dollars hang in the balance on Supreme Court decisions.  Of course an autopsy should be ordered.

Now of course the political battle for Justice Scalia’s replacement is begun. President Obama and the Left are eager to fill the vacancy with a Leftist nomination. Conservatives want the Senate to delay “advising and confirming” any nominations until after the 2016 presidential election.

I predict Obama will nominate a Leftist kook to the Supreme Court, and the Senate will approve the nomination.  Tacitly or openly, covertly or overtly, these squeamish spineless traitorous Progressive “establishment” Republicans will make their backroom deals with Obama, approve his incendiary nomination, and effectively flush the third branch of government and the U.S. Constitution down the toilet.

Additionally, I wrote my friend about the upcoming presidential election. Keep in mind I pray I’m very very wrong.  (Full disclosure, I’m a Ted Cruz supporter.)

“I predict one of these candidates for President will be shot and killed during the campaign cycle.  Likely Trump or Cruz, or both.  The Left in this country is on the precipice of completely eliminating the US Constitution; they will not be stopped.  The hard Left is actually disappointed Obama hasn’t gone far enough fast enough.  The hard Left is frustrated Obama is more concerned about his personal legacy than his promises of FULLY realizing the Left’s goals.  I have no doubt someone is going to get killed before this election is over.  I believe there are people in the ‘establishment’ (i.e. Progressive) Republican party contemplating assassinating Trump.  And Ted Cruz’s enemies are everywhere—Republicans, Democrats, world leaders—anyone who believes liberty stands in the way of Utopian dreams.  It will be tragic when/if it happens.”

I share this because it shows—in my opinion—the gravity of the upcoming election.  The Left will simply NOT allow a conservative to win the presidency.  The Left is on the verge of winning the battle. They will pull out all the stops—as they say, the ends justify the means.

More recently I wrote:

“Same with the economy.  It’s time to pay the piper.  It appears central banks such as the Federal Reserve are quickly running out of ways to hide the truth of what’s coming.  The volatility in the stock market lately is the first rumblings of Wall Street losing confidence in central banks.  By year end, I expect Main Street will realize what Wall Street has known all along, that central banks are not omnipotent.  Central banks cannot thwart the rules of economics—they can hide it for a while but they cannot defy it.  That’s the economic unraveling that’s coming.


“Politically and economically, the next several years will be extraordinary.  Extraordinarily painful.


“I fully expect Obama and this traitorous Congress to fill Scalia’s seat with a Leftist kook.


“I do not expect a conservative candidate will win the 2016 election.


“I think the unraveling of America and the end of US Constitution must play out.  But I am optimistic about the long term future of America.  For now, it’s time to pay the piper.”

And I stand by my earlier prediction Hillary will not be the Democrat nominee for President. Elizabeth Warren will be selected as their nominee’s running mate.

Sometimes you just got to stand up and call ‘em like you see ‘em. This is not a call to inaction or defeatism. I do not believe we are hapless victims of our circumstances. This is not the road to freedom. We have to believe we can really chose, says one of my heros.

Again, I am incredibly optimistic about America’s long-term future. And I hope to God my predictions are wrong.

Now is a time for action—-a time to act and prepare as anyone would prepare for a cold winter. A Valley Forge kind of winter.


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