Gun Control is Coming (Part 2 of 2)


Photo credit: National Archives

Photo credit: National Archives

The Obama administration won’t come knocking on your door to confiscate your guns. The U.S. military won’t be roving neighborhoods in armored vehicles kicking down doors.  No.  Disarming the American population of its 2nd Amendment right will come incrementally in stages.  In this post I consider stages 2 thru 5.  (To read stage 1, see Part 1 of this two-part article by clicking HERE.)

Gun control, and ultimately gun confiscation, will come in FIVE stages.

  1. Identify who has guns.
  2. Restrict the manufacture, transport, sale, purchase, and use of guns and ammunition.
  3. Disarm targeted segments of the population, involuntarily.
  4. Voluntary disarmament.
  5. Outright involuntary seizure of firearms and ammo from citizens.



Stage 2 is well underway in America. Structures are in place.  Firearms and ammunition manufactures are heavily regulated by the federal government.  Many state governments are so hostile to manufacturers that many manufacturers are forced to relocate to other states.  As for retail outlets, last year I read several reports of gun retailers denied access to common commercial capital from banks, presumably under regulatory pressure from the Obama administration.

Since the National Firearms Act of 1934 (read gun control) the manufacture and sale of automatic weapons is heavily regulated and strictly licensed. That is, infringed.  Automatic “small arms” should not be infringed because the availability of automatic small arms puts the average citizen on roughly the same playing field as military ground troops.  This “equity” of one-man firepower was the very intention of our Founding Fathers when they authored the 2nd Amendment.  (Large caliber mounted machine guns too?  No—those are not “small arms.”  The proper place for a local militia’s heavy mounted machine gun is in the town’s armory.)

In the 1968 Gun Control Act, the federal government gave itself the authority to decide who can and cannot sell guns as a business enterprise (read gun control). Additionally, the Act prohibits the transport of firearms across state lines without permission of the federal government.  In other words, if I want to buy a gun from a friend who lives in another state, the only way that gun can get mailed to me is by using government approved Federal Firearms Licensed dealers (FFLs) as intermediaries.  My friend must drop off his gun at his local FFL gun store, his FFL then mails the gun to my favorite FFL gun store in my state, when the gun arrives I go to my FFL gun store to pick up the gun that I’ve already paid for.  And yes, I must complete a background check when picking up the gun from my FFL dealer.  This stinks to high heaven of infringement.  One should have the freedom to ship any firearm from one state to another free of government interference, provided the firearm is unloaded, disassembled, and safely packed.

As a buyer, and as an American, I see background checks as infringements on my God-given 2nd Amendment right.  While federal background checks today are conveniently processed while you wait, this whole notion of the government deciding who can and can’t buy guns is a slippery slope.  How can any seller or government know the intention of a buyer?  Impossible.

Requiring background checks is a head start on the road to denying firearms to whomever the government deems “unfit”—whom, to a Leftist utopian regime, is ultimately EVERYONE. When elected officials and unelected bureaucrats are deciding the limits of our God-given rights, violating due process (another God-given right), one has little to no legal recourse.  Case in point: Obama and Congress are now pushing to tie background checks to the terrorist No Fly list.  See?  Gradual, gradual, gradual.  Who is next on the “unfit” list?  Veterans?  Seniors?  Global warming deniers?  People accused of hate speech?  What if the very definition of felony changes?

If you are an elected official seeking to enact unpopular laws, you don’t do it yourself; you enact laws by persuading unelected nameless bureaucrats and life-time appointed federal judges to do it for you. In other words, use someone who is unaccountable to We the People—bureaucrats and judges are not subject to election results.  This is a standard tactic of the Left.

Here are some other Leftist tactics I expect to see. Tax and regulate firearm manufacturers and retailers out of business.  Limit the potency and availability of ammo.  Ban lead bullets as environmentally toxic.  Limit quantities of ammo per purchase.  Ban cash transaction of guns and ammo—allowing credit card only transactions for tracking purposes.  End all online ammunition sales and shipping via mail services.  Ban semi-automatic firearms.  Ban detachable magazines.  Require permits for scopes beyond 3x magnification.  Ban home reloading equipment and supplies.

Licensing will be standard practice and widespread. A gun owner will be required to be licensed and his or her firearms must each be registered, like one must be licensed to drive and the vehicle must be registered.  Shooting ranges will remain privately owned but will be harshly regulated.  The government will station representatives on the premises of shooting ranges to check-in shooters, verifying everyone is licensed and the firearm in their possession is registered.  Severe fines for failing to register your weapons.

Those applying for annual hunting licenses and game tags will have to be licensed gun users. Hunters will be required to indicate on the hunting license the firearm they will be using for the hunt.  Only registered firearms deemed fit for your game type will be permited.  National Forestry officials will be charged with monitoring wildlife lands, checking licenses and registrations of hunters in the field.   Target shooters hoping to avoid license and registration checks at shooting ranges by shooting instead on forestry land will be “pulled over” by Forestry officials.

Licensing and registration will unearth many millions of unaccounted for guns purchased before a national gun registry was implemented.

This post focuses on federal law. As for various state laws I will say this:  a state of the United States does NOT have any more authority to diminish an individual’s God-given rights than does the federal government.  Period.  The 10th Amendment for example does not give states a “states’ rights” to infringe your right to bear arms.  Imagine if the state of New York restricted free speech, is that a state’s right?  Of course not.  Just wanted to clear that up.  Are we good?  Ok.

Now, on to the next stage. This is where things get more interesting and speculative.



This is what Hitler did to Jews and political enemies. After requiring a national gun registry identifying all owners of firearms, Hitler methodically disarmed segments of the German population.  Involuntary gun confiscation.  If you were on his enemies list Hitler sent armed police and party thugs to your home, your home was forcibly searched, and your guns were taken from you.  Confiscations targeted certain groups.  Hitler was not kicking down every door of every German who owned a gun.  However, Hitler did ban gun clubs, arresting leaders in the name of “public safety.”  Germany was economically poor for a long time after World War I.  As a result few people could afford to buy luxuries like guns.  There weren’t that many guns to collect.  When Hitler was done the German population was effectively disarmed.

Of course Obama would never use agencies of the federal government to target and harass political enemies…oh wait. Scratch that.

I expect small segments of the American population will be forcibly disarmed. The federal government will start by deeming—and demonizing—a small fraction of the population as dangerous to “public safety.”  Doors will get figuratively “kicked down” with warrants from Leftist judges.  It will all look legal.  People won’t question it.  Most of the door kicking will go on quietly.  A complicit media will not report the incidents.  Then another small segment of the population will be targeted and disarmed.  Then another.  Those who resist violently will be branded as criminals resisting arrest.  Much of the public will not know or care what’s going on because it does not affect them personally.  Besides, “those people” are a danger to themselves and others.

Among the segments targeted in Stage 3, one segment that will NOT be targeted is patriot groups. Instead, segments targeted in this stage will be small and unorganized.  Either they will be people deemed “unfit” mentally/emotionally or people who have broken unrelated federal laws.  Examples might include the oldest of seniors, those collecting federal disability checks, veterans suffering PTSD, individuals treated for mental disorders including chronic depression, those arrested for drunk driving, people delinquent paying IRS taxes, etc.  The confiscation will appear as an indirect result of unrelated crime or justified as a public safety issue.



Again, this will not affect gun owners of the patriot movement. Voluntary disarmament is when gun owners freely sell or turn in their firearms to the government.  Who would do this?  Folks who are embarrassed to be gun owners.  Expect the government and media to further demonizing and shame gun owners as people “clinging to their guns and Bibles” insecure, unsophisticated, knuckle-dragging, backwater hicks.  Expect to be inundated with non-stop ads from the Ad Counsel similar to their stop-smoking cigarettes campaign.  Children in particular will be targeted.  Hitler formed youth organizations back in the 1920s!  By 1939 those kids were full grown adults ready to die for Hitler.  The Left is always playing to your children.

Another effective voluntary disarmament tactic: the government will offer gun owners enormous amounts of money if you sell your guns to the government.  As the economy deteriorates, this tactic will be very effective.  Because the government is paying far more than the free market allows, this tactic will destroy the used gun market and sop up millions of guns.

If you live in subsidized housing or if you apply for a home loan that is guaranteed by a federal agency (FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, VA Home Loans) the government may require the residence be free of firearms until you sell the home or pay off the loan. You may not want to get rid of your guns, but you voluntarily decide you need the house more than you do your guns.



This is the last and final stage. This stage primarily concerns the enemies of tyranny—the patriot movement.  This stage happens swiftly, forcefully, and violently.  The government’s confiscation campaign will be highly organized, nationwide, and simultaneous.  Leaders of the patriot movement will be the first targets.

Very likely the confiscation campaign will NOT be carried out by the U.S. military. More likely, a trained “deputized” civilian force (Leftist thugs) will carry out the confiscations under the direction of federal and local law enforcement.

The patriot movement will get no help no sympathy from the general public. We are on our own.  Within the patriot movement, this stage will separate the men from the boys.  “Give me liberty or give me death” will change from a historical slogan to an impossible and personal act of will.  Then we too will know the hearts of 56 men who pledged themselves to the Declaration of Independence.



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