Glenn Beck and Economic Collapse

No one knows how it’s going to look.  We can use history as a guide, but no one knows what the coming economic collapse is going to look like.  When it’s going to happen.  How it’s going to look.  How bad it’s going to get.  We know far more about how people and nations react to economic calamity than how events unfold in sequence.  People riot, minorities are persecuted, tyrants rise to power, governments topple, and nations go to war.  Events are not predictable, but human nature is.

At first, I was going to write this as one post.  Then two.  Now I’ve decided to work it all into one post.  It’s a bit long.

I have Glenn Beck in mind as I work through my thoughts here.  I want to get straight to Glenn and the points he has been making on-air about preparing oneself for the coming economic and geo-political changes.  His call for peaceful change, the peaceful path, using non-violent means.  Of course I too hope for a peaceful transition to a new and restored America in the years to come. Blessed are the peacemakers.  There is a spiritual battle being waged for the heart of America.  For all Glenn’s talent, humility, and insight, he’s bumping against limitations.

As you probably guessed I’m a big Glenn Beck fan.  A fan too of Rush, Levin, and others.  But Glenn “speaks” to me.   He pointed me in the right direction time and time again.  I’ve been a listener for six years, followed him from radio to Fox to The Blaze, read many of his books, read many more of those he suggested, and I traveled across the country to attend Restoring Honor in D.C.  (It’s funny.  No one knew how many of us were going to show up for Restoring Honor—1000 of us, 10,000 of us, or whatever.  I have a cool story about Glenn and his bodyguards rushing past me by surprise in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in D.C. as he hurried to a talk he was giving that evening.)

Big fan.

Glenn has an incredible ability to connect the dots.  Connect events.  See through lies.  Identify problems.  I admire his humility, honesty, passion, and talent.   I admire his commitment to family, his church, our country, and his craft.

And while he has a good sense of the American spirit I don’t think it is serving him well.  At least not as fully as his ability to intuitively connect dots.  He’s on-the-money about conservative values, our Founding principles, and spiritual matters.  But, he struggles finding that elusive American spirit that transcends conservatives and liberals.  Our  common ground.  He’s looking for it.  That magical “something” that binds us together.  I hear him struggling for it—to find it, to understand it.  He knows how crucial it is in this place in time, in history.  He just can’t put his finger on it.  Maybe because he has always held conservative values to a greater degree.

Glenn has been trying to make the case for a deeply spiritual and peaceful movement like that of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi.  If not as a means for the conservative movement, then applied on a personal basis.  He’s not gaining traction with it.  He’s losing part of his audience, which is ok, and he is ok with that.  Nevertheless, I think it frustrates and disappoints him.  He’s so good about so many things, but this eludes him.  Glenn doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of that elusive common ground all Americans share—conservative and liberal—at least not in a way he can leverage to benefit the nation ahead of the coming economic and geo-political changes.

MLK’s cause was noble, necessary, and righteous.  The means by which he affected those changes fit the cause.  But it was a different cause than the coming changes.  Gandhi’s path spoke to the people and culture of India.  A different culture.

And while peaceful protest, peaceful change, is the order of the day, I think we do our nation a great disservice by discounting the sacrifices of those who took up arms against tyranny.

Maybe we should have told General George Washington on Christmas Day 1776:  “Do not cross the Delaware River.  Do not attack Trenton.  Instead, you should put down your arms, take up your signs and march peacefully through the streets of Trenton.”

Or perhaps in 1814 after the British burned down the White House, we should have poured lamp oil over ourselves in the streets and lit ourselves on fire in peaceful protest.

And when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, maybe FDR should have addressed our nation: “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, a date for which we will forgive and forget.”

Maybe on D-Day we should have parachuted “Please go back to Germany” pamphlets instead of launching the largest naval invasion in history, consequently pushing tyranny back to the dark underground bunker from which it sprang.

And when President George W. Bush stood atop the rubble at the foot of the fallen World Trade Center after 9-11, should he have trumpeted: “I can hear you!  I can hear you!  But the people who knocked down these buildings won’t be hearing from us soon. Instead, we’re going to send them a big wet non-violent kiss.”

We disenfranchise Americans from their freedom when we propose a single means of addressing tyranny.  Don’t EVER tell me I have to be peaceful.  That just pisses me off all the more!  That’s my choice to make. That’s between me and God.

Americans are going to react the way they always react when their freedoms are taken away—peacefully at first, then violently.  We just can’t stand losing our freedoms.  It’s what makes Americans, Americans.  We won’t stand for it.  And we won’t stand for being told how to defend our freedoms.  We are in fact, free to defend freedom.

Americans who believe in God, the rule of law, the Constitution and our rights guaranteed therein have been pushed and pushed and pushed.   To our credit we have been tolerant, patient, and peaceful thus far.  By God’s grace, we can remain so.  Americans are by and large slow to anger.

We’ve been slow to anger in part because we’ve been asleep.  Ignorant of the facts.  And I think when we all look back 20-30 years from now, we can thank Glenn Beck and others for waking us up before it was too late.  Your service to the country has immeasurable, Mr. Beck.  In many respects, yours is the booming voice of George Whitefield.

I’m a peaceful man.  But only a man.  If you push me beyond a certain point, or threaten the people I love, IT IS ON.  If you threaten something I love more than I love myself, I don’t care what happens to me.

The Left is spoiling for a fight?  It’s a trap?  People who caution this do not understand two things, one about the Left, the other about conservatives:

ONE:  The Left are bullies.  Most will cower when confronted.

TWO:  Trap, or no Trap.  Frankly, we conservatives don’t give a damn.  We don’t care if it’s a trap.  We don’t care if it’s not a trap.  Doesn’t even matter to us.  When it’s ON, it’s ON.

We pray for peace.  And after that, we pray peace comes soon.  Thy will be done, not ours.


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