Geraldo Rivera Schools Hannity on ObamaCare

Tonight, Hannity on Fox News had an unusually interesting group of studio guests to which he posed several questions regarding the rollout of ObamaCare, the lies and deceptions how ObamaCare was sold to the American people, President Obama walking-back the laws of his signature legislation, and the political fallout of ObamaCare.

I don’t usually care for Hannity’s studio group “discussions.”  Too much shouting, arguing, and bickering for me after a long day.  It hurts my ears.  And frankly it’s not informative.

But this studio audience of 20 guests was exceptional.  Each guest brought significant experience, knowledge, and talent to the table.  Most of the guests would certainly qualify for one-on-one primetime interview segments with Hannity.  And many of them have.  But to see and hear so many big hitters in a loosely structured debate was quite engaging.

I heard many good points.  Many.  And a few not-so-relevant points.  Liberals and socialists battled conservatives.  Republicans battled Democrats.  I listened with my mind and heart.  I listened to hear who would make the best point.  Which one of these big hitters would capture the deeper meaning of ObamaCare and the direction of America?  Who can, quick on their feet, thoughtful of mind and heart, and with honesty seize the moment?

It wasn’t Peggy Noonan, who artfully and unintentionally revealed tonight she believes our elected officials carry titles of nobility exempt from the coarse and crass language of the pauper class.  Sorry, Ms. Noonan, “lied” is too crass for your delicate elitist sense of social class decorum.  But, out here in America, for us paupers, if it looks like a lie and quacks like a lie it’s a lie.

It wasn’t the radio talk show guests, liberal or conservative to hit the nail on the head.  Despite their highly tuned verbal athleticism, they failed to capture the moment.

It wasn’t the guest from the Heritage Foundation, the Democratic strategists, or the journalists. It wasn’t the news analysts.  It wasn’t even the Tea Party member.

In the midst of controlled chaos, the most important thing anyone said came from the least likely person in the debate:  Geraldo Rivera.  Geraldo Rivera!  It was Geraldo who countered with a question of his own.  Geraldo an elitist socialist.  His question was the most important moment of the entire one-hour discussion.  Not one Constitutional Conservative answered Geraldo’s question directly or honestly.

Geraldo’s question was a very honest question.  His question strikes at the very core of, not only ObamaCare, but our nation’s principles.  Geraldo posed a question that separates liberals from conservatives.  He forces the conservative to honestly ask themselves if they are really conservative.  Geraldo is honest about his socialist beliefs.  He is challenging Constitutional Conservatives with the question they MUST be asked.  It MUST be asked.  And it MUST be answered by Constitutional Conservatives in the public square.  America must decide what it wants.

Geraldo Rivera posed this question, “So what do we do with the person who has no insurance and becomes ill with cancer?”

It’s not a trick question.  It’s a perfectly fair question that deserves a direct and honest answer.  Why so-called conservatives side step this very honest and important question is beyond me.  Everyone on the panel including Hannity avoids this question, changes the topic.  Or worse, offers an alternative solution that is blatantly socialist.  Is there no Constitutional Conservative who will come forward and own up to this question?

I’m your huckleberry!

The person who has no insurance and is diagnosed with cancer has alternatives.  Obviously we can’t force an insurance company to cover the patient.  So, how will the patient receive care?  To whom do they turn?  Answer: They turn to a charitable hospital or doctor, a charitable donor of money, friends, family, and faith.

What if they can’t find charitable doctors or organizations?  Then you have to raise the money yourself on credit, payment plan, or selling your possessions.  What if you don’t have enough credit or possessions to convince doctors you can pay the bills?  Then you humbly turn to friends and family and faith.  What if your friends and family don’t have or won’t give you the money needed for treatment?  Then you have faith.  What if your cancer was treatable, you don’t have the money for treatment, and you become sicker and sicker, on the verge of death?  Then, tragically, you die.  You pass on to the afterlife.

People die.  People have been dying for thousands of years.  Sometimes we die from illness, sometimes from injuries, sometimes from natural causes.  No one lives forever.  We are all called back to our heavenly Father in His time.  We do what we can to live a good life.  We take care of the bodies God gave us, we work and save money if we can, we love and support friends and family, we give charitably our time and treasure to church and charitable organizations.  We do everything we can do to afford treatment for our cancer without taking the money from our fellow Americans by threat or force.

I don’t want or expect the government to take care of me.  That grows government.  And big government makes life intolerable in good health or bad.  Worse, financially bankrupted big governments are downright dangerous to life and liberty.  I put myself in God’s good hands, not the government’s.

Let me die with the dignity my life was not spared at the expense of my fellow Americans’ liberties.



Edited 11/17/2013.  I removed the word “Leftist” from the phrase “Leftist elitist” describing Peggy Noonan.  I apologize to Ms. Noonan.  I was wrong for lumping Ms. Noonan’s elitist thinking with those elitists of the ideological Left.  I have reason to believe Ms. Noonan is an elitist, and most elitists are indeed Leftists; however, it was wrong of me to logically assume Ms. Noonan is an elitist of the ideological Left.  Over the years I’ve doubted Ms. Noonan’s conservative credentials.  Nevertheless, I have not the knowledge nor example of Ms. Noonan’s ideological position to make the afore mentioned assumption.   To Ms. Noonan and my readers, please accept my apology.



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