FOUR Criteria that Legitimate Armed Rebellion

This is Part II of Part I titled, Glenn Beck is Wrong.

Our Founders loathed open rebellion against the King.  Again and again leaders of the American colonies addressed their grievances to King George III’s court through peacable means.  The colonists endured two decades of patience and forbearance.  Eventually, they(we) had had enough.

Many patriots today are asking themselves how much more can we tolerate.  At what point do we admit the U.S. Constitution is now completely lost.  To what extent must we tolerate the long creeping loss of our individual liberties before taking armed action.  Very good questions indeed.  Do not feel remorse or guilt for raising these questions.  We are slowly and systematically being robbed of our life, liberty, and property.  You have a right to be angry.  I have a right to be angry.  As for me, I am more angry at myself; I was robbed as you were, only I in my laziness and stupidity left my door unlocked.  For myself, I was not vigilant.

For guidance on this matter of armed rebellion, I turn to one of our great founders, Samuel Adams, widely considered the Father of the American Revolution.   Mr. Adams determined FOUR criteria, conditions, on which armed rebellion is justified.

1. When laws are no longer made by a legislature elected by the people.

2. When our form of government exists without our consent.

3. Taxation without representation.

4. When authority is no longer derived from ourselves.

–SAMUEL ADAMS  (See Samuel Adams, Ref. circular letter reproduced in the Massachusetts Gazette 9-12-1786. Letter drafted by special committee ((member Samuel Adams)) authorized by the Boston Town Meeting to express to the governor their disapproval of the Shays Riots. The Shays Riots did not meet the above criteria.)

Thomas Jefferson, “I often asked myself, is this exactly in the spirit of the patriarch of liberty, Samuel Adams?  Is it as he would express it?  Will he approve of it?…be assured that there exists not in the heart of man a more faithful esteem than mine to you[Samuel Adams] and that I shall ever bear you the most affectionate veneration and respect.”

–THOMAS JEFFERSON   (Letter from President Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Adams, March 29th, 1801)

Are we there yet?  No.  Thank God!  No.  We are a long way from meeting Samuel Adam’s FOUR criteria for armed rebellion.  The point then is, remain vigilant.  We are headed in the wrong direction.

The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was not included in the Bill of Rights in order to protect guns rights for deer hunters. That’s a given. The Second Amendment first and foremost protects our right to bear arms in the event arms must be used to defend against or dispatch enemies of said constitution. It is another check on tyranny. Understand, when the U.S. Constitution is at stake, defending it by armed rebellion is always always always on the table.


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