Ferguson Lynch Mob

I really didn’t want to write on this topic, the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.  Maybe I feel compelled because I’ve been too busy on personal matters to contribute lately to Prodigal Sons.  Or, maybe I just want to stick a fork in the Ferguson circus; the news coverage has been blown way out of proportion.

First of all, my condolences to Michael Brown’s family and friends for their tragic loss.  I also extend my condolences to officer Darren Wilson for his injuries sustained in the line of duty.  There’s a little good in the worst of us, and a little bad in the best of us.  I’m not exempt from this timeless axiom.

Before I begin.  I see the peaceful protestors as separate from the looters.  I don’t see them as one.  I see them as two separate entities with different intentions.  I see the law enforcement officers.  I see the news crews.  I see the outside agitators coming to stir things up.

I also see Fox News.  (I should probably say this before I go any further, because I don’t want to forget to write it.)  I see Fox News has changed their evening line up, knocking out O’Reilly’s Factor encore programing with Shepard Smith doing live full court coverage of Ferguson.  I just shake my head in disgust with these cable networks—they all have an agenda.  Fox News’ agenda is to advance Progressive Republican candidates to seats in Congress this fall.

This is what Fox News is doing.  As soon as details of the Ferguson case corroborated the officer’s account of the shooting, Fox News throws Shepard Smith front and center, supplanting the more fair-minded Bill O’Reilly.  Of course the evidence of the case has not been heard, but Fox News is gambling the officer Darren Brown’s actions were lawful and just (they may have been, we just don’t know yet).  Fox News is hoping their audience will be so outraged by the injustice wrought on the officer, the willful ignorance of the protestors, the arrival of perennial poverty pimps such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the dangerously one-sided coverage by the Leftist media, and the lawless looting, that Republicans will bum rush voting booths this November.  Shame on Fox News.  The higher the stakes, the lower the standards, eh?

I have one word that describes all I’ve seen in Ferguson, Missouri:  LYNCH MOB.  A small group of angry people rushing to judgment.  “Forget rule of law.  Forget judicial procedure.  Forget evidence.  Forget a fair trial.  Hang the cop now!”

Oh, there’s a larger message here?  Like what?  That blacks are targeted by cops?  That police brutality runs rampant across the nation?  Of the thousands of arrests each day, and the millions of smart phones at the ready to capture video evidence of it, how many of those arrests look like the brutal beating of Rodney King?  Damn few.  It’s an atrocity when it happens to be sure.  There’s always going to be a few bad cops, but the vast majority of law enforcement officers adhere to their training and protocols for engaging suspects.  Let’s keep things in perspective.

The white man is keeping the black man down? Is that what you think?  Then you can join the ranks of Sharpton, Jackson, Black Panthers, and the Leftist agitators where hate and division rule the day.  Is that how you want to live?  A life of hate and anger and blame?  Good luck with that.

Are there problems of poverty that need to be addressed?  Absolutely.  We can talk about that.  We have enormous problems with poverty.  Let’s talk about public schools.  Let’s talk about the Federal Reserve diluting the value of the dollar.  Let’s talk about an economy choked with taxes and regulations.  Let’s talk about a government unresponsive to the needs of the people.  But we’re also going to have to have an honest talk about individual responsibility.

And what about keeping things in perspective.  Why in the world is the President of the United States concerning himself with this local matter in Ferguson?  What about our southern border?  What about ISIS and Iraq?  What about Syria and Ukraine?  What about unemployment and the economy?

That’s why I didn’t want to write about this topic.  Ferguson is a small town in a moderately populated state.  According to the Census Bureau, Missouri is the 18th largest state by population 6,044,171 souls estimated.  Of that number, the city of Ferguson numbers only 21,111 residents;  67.4% black, 29.3% white.  Of that number in Ferguson, how many protestors are there?  200?  400?  How many looters?  100?  That’s a very small percentage of the 21,111 residents in that town.  Today, there are probably more reporters in Ferguson than resident protestors!  It’s a frickin’ circus.

The looting?  Individuals making bad choices.  They’re breaking the law, should be caught, tried in a court of law, and punished.  Goodness sakes, their faces are on camera.  Shouldn’t be hard to find them.  Just people doing bad things.  Happens everywhere—bad people taking property that doesn’t belong to them.  Thieves, I think we call them.  Amazing though to see how fast people take what isn’t theirs when no one is looking.

Don’t get me started on the Leftist radicals, anarchist, Marxists, anti-America, anti-capitalism agitators coming to Ferguson.

That’s my take on a sad story about a small town.  Lynch mobs have been around long before Fox News showed up.  But goodness has been around longer.

God, I pray, steady our anxious hearts.  Take away our impatience, our anger.  Grant us the willingness to pray blessings for our enemies.  You are the Father of justice and truth.  May Your light prevail on the hearts and minds of Your children.  Thy will be done.




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