Donald Trump’ing “Establishment” Republicans


Donald Trump is having a ball running for President.  And I’m having a ball watching the “establishment” Republicans cringe and panic!

Donald Trump’s candor is a breath of fresh air at a time Americans are fed up with stifling political correctness, spin, talking points, bald-faced lies, and the Leftist media. I am not at all surprised—nor disappointed—Trump’s poll numbers place him at the top of the Republican heap. A heap that is piled high with the stink of Progressive “establishment” RINO (Republican In Name Only) dung.

I detest the “establishment” Republicans even more than do I the Democrats.  While both Repubs and Dems are equally corrupt, at least the Democrats have the decency to openly admit they reject the U.S. Constitution and our founding principles. The Republicans on the other hand are hypocrites and cowards, publically professing Constitutional principles, then destroying those principles behind closed doors. Establishment Republicans are traitors to their constituents, their party, the country, and the Constitution.

Of course, as a Constitutional conservative, I cannot endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy. And I absolutely disagree with Trump about Sen. John McCain’s “war hero” status; McCain is every bit a war hero. Nevertheless, I am glad Trump is in this race.

Frankly, I don’t think Mr. Trump wants to be President of the United States.  He likes to be large and in-charge. He likes to say what he wants when he wants. Our government’s separation of powers (albeit withering) would drive Trump mad. He has built a life around himself he enjoys. Running the executive branch of the U.S. government with all its inept wasteful bureaucratic departments, accepting the role as top diplomat, as well as commander-in-chief of the armed forces is probably not his idea of fun. Running for office? Now that sounds like fun!

It makes me furious to hear top people in the Republican Party and media call for Trump’s resignation from the primary election. Who are they to say who can and can’t run?  Piss off!

The “establishment” Republicans are scared to death of Donald Trump. They are scared to death Trump is going to make the Republican Party look bad and lose them the election. The 2016 is the Republican’s election to lose, as they say. And the GOP is afraid Trump’s “big mouth” is going to blow it.  Or worse, they kick Trump out of the Republican Party and he runs as a third-party candidate (spelling certain doom for a Republican win in 2016).

I hope the GOP has the good sense not to kick Trump out of the race; instead, just let Trump tire of the fun. Let the “establishment” Repubs take their lumps—they have it coming anyway for betraying voters on ObamaCare, securing our borders, fixing the VA, deficit spending, insincere Congressional investigations, etc., etc. But I doubt the status quo’ers in the GOP will make the wise decision. The GOP is choking on its own hypocrisy, fear, cronyism, self-interest, and corruption. If the GOP does not win the 2016 election, it will be far more their fault than any scheming election strategy of the Left.

This week I watched carefully to hear who, among the Republican candidates, would speak out first and most vehemently against Trump’s recent campaign remarks. Before the torrent of responses came down the pike I said to myself, “Watch and see who comes out most critically against Trump. Whoever comes out first and hardest is a phony. Whoever comes out strongest against Trump is a RINO in conservative clothing.” Results this week: Perry and Rubio.

I’ve always had a bad gut feeling about Rick Perry. Marco Rubio was on my “maybe” list. Rubio is now off the list completely.

If Trump drops out of the race I hope it’s not too soon. This is too damn much fun.



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