Dinesh D’Souza and the Next President

Glenn Beck had a great interview with Dinesh D’Souza in the third hour of Beck’s radio program yesterday, July 25th, 2014.  Mr. D’Souza wrote the book America: Imagine a World Without Her inspiring the now-famous political documentary of the same name.  He also wrote the book and documentary 2016: Obama’s America.  Authoring a list of influential and best-selling books about politics, Christianity, and education going back to 1991, Mr. D’Souza is described on his website as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual of 25 years.   I think we can add successful filmmaker to that list.

Dinesh D’Souza was born in India in 1961, moved to America in the late 1970’s as a student and later became a naturalized citizen of the U.S.  Mr. D’Souza’s experience as someone who came to America from outside America offers us a unique perspective of America.  He sees and describes what we ourselves, as Americans, have trouble seeing about ourselves.  He sees what’s happening, the Progressive Left’s destruction of America, from the vantage of both an outsider and a fully engaged patriotic American citizen.

D’Souza’s intelligence, accomplishments, perspective, and genuinely meek disposition make for compelling interviews.  And yesterday’s with Beck was no less compelling.

Of interest to me were Beck’s questions regarding the outcome of Obama’s “fundamental change” of America.  Obama’s “un-making of America” as D’Souza likes to say.  D’Souza said he believes Obama’s eight-year term as president won’t be enough to complete the un-doing of America.  Perhaps, D’Souza speculated, the next president will complete what Obama was unable to finish.  I agree, but I’m a bit more pessimistic of the damage done to America.  I take a broader view of the destruction waged against our nation from within.

In my opinion, Obama’s election to office was the perfect storm.  Obama’s rise to the presidency, an anti-American Marxist posing as a moderate liberal, is the pinnacle of achievement, a culmination of 100 years of Progressive Leftist activism bent on completely wiping out the founding principles of America.  When Obama came into office the stage had been set to expand the powers of the presidency, generations of economic ruin is unfolding, data collection spying on Americans now possible, and the Leftist media was more than happy to cover-up all of Obama’s shortcomings.  Being the first black president has made him virtually unimpeachable—God forbid the media allow us to judge the man on the content of his character.  It’s the perfect storm.

D’Souza’s analysis, for all his insight and genius, is not taking into account the economic precipice on which we now teeter.  Economics is not his area.  It’s not his thing.  His analysis is completely accurate when it comes to politics, ideology, and our founding principles.  He’s brilliant by every measure, but when he addressed Glenn Beck’s question about the future of America, D’Souza is not taking into consideration the context of the colossal economic catastrophe unfolding at home and across the globe.

More to the point about the next presidency, be it socialist or conservative:  whoever sits in the office of presidency when the economic collapse begins its next tragic and inevitable leg downward will suffer terribly at the ballot box.  The Democrats are going to take a beating in 2014 and 2016.  The likelihood of a Republican winning the office of President in 2016 is high.  If the avalanche of economic collapse begins its next slide downward during the next presidency, the Party in power will suffer terribly for years to come.

Can America survive another anti-American Marxist president?  It will be ugly, but yes, and I’ll tell you why.  Sometimes I wonder, after all the destruction of America’s founding principles over the last five generations—in the courts and in the classrooms and in media/Hollywood—are there enough patriotic Americans remaining to restore what has been lost?  Are Leftist socialists now the majority in America?  Or, are the majority of Americans still somewhat conservative, only less vocal and visible?  Good questions.

I think the majority of Americans are still more conservative than they are socialist or liberal. This sounds promising, right?  It is, until you factor in economics.  Ask any able-bodied American chronically dependent on the government for income if they prefer the much-needed income over our Founders’ America.  Obama wins every time.

So, America is lost?  Well consider this:  the government’s build-up of illegal surveillance of American citizens.  Consider the militarization of our police departments.  Consider the military’s recent drills for quelling civil unrest.  Consider the weapons and ammo that government agencies are stockpiling the past few years.  Consider the government’s plans to use drones over domestic air space.   What’s that tell me?  It tells me the government is scared to death of the American people.  That gives me hope.  The government is supposed to be afraid of We The People.  That’s how it is supposed to be.

The fact that the American government is still more afraid of the people than the people are afraid of the government gives me hope all is not lost.

The American people must be armed, because if the 1st Amendment fails, what’s left for the government to fear?

Dinesh D’Souza is great.  I could listen to that guy all day.  He’s just brilliant.  Each of us has a role in God’s scheme of things, and I thank God for humble courageous souls like Dinesh D’Souza.


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