Cruz Hands Presidency to Trump


This evening Senator Ted Cruz Republican candidate for president withdrew his candidacy from the race making Donald Trump the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party. Senator Cruz announced his decision after losing the primary election in Indiana to Mr. Trump.

The question now: Will constitutional-conservative supporters of Ted Cruz vote for Trump?

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First, I have to make a couple assumptions. As you may be aware, I fear Donald Trump has been targeted for assassination.  It’s a horrific tragedy to contemplate, I know, but a very real possibility.  So, for the purposes of “now’s” question, let’s assume Donald Trump is protected safe and healthy.

(To this morbid point of assassination, I might suggest Trump select a VP more hated by the Republican establishment than he.)

Sanders or Hillary or Biden is the Democrat nominee. Probably Hillary. (I think Trump crushes Hillary in a Trump/Hillary match up.  Bill Clinton will be destroyed as collateral damage.)

Come Election Day the ballot says Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D); what do Cruz supporter do?

I know what will be going through my mind. Am I convinced Trump is conservative enough to pull the lever?  Or, am I betraying my principles by voting for Trump?  If I vote for Trump will I regret it?  Am I an idiot to trust a man whose political tactics are dishonest and heavy-handed?  Should I write-in the name of my candidate instead?  Not out of spite, but out of principle.

These are important questions. However, the fact is, no one can honestly know how a man or woman will be and act once they take the office of President of the United States.  I think the office changes a person.  I honestly think Barack Obama had far worse plans to “fundamentally change” America than he was able to accomplish.

The President may be Commander-in-Chief, but God is still Commander-in-Charge.

Regardless who is elected, I remind myself, the last peaceful chance to restore America’s constitutional republic lies not in the next President, but hidden in the Constitution itself: Article V, convention of states.

Article V takes all the characters out of the equation, all the personalities, all the showmanship, all the charisma, and all the polling and media manipulation out of the equation. It’s a stripped-down we-the-people-are-taking-back-our-country declaration right out of the Constitution playbook.

I’ll pull the lever for anyone who supports Article V.


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