Conservatives: Don’t Sell Your Soul for Romney.

This is not going to be an easy article to write.  Nor to read.

The presidential election looms.  Two candidates emerge.  It’s Obama vs Romney.  For a Leftist Progressive Socialist Liberal voter, casting a vote for Obama is a no-brainer.  For a party Republican, a vote for Romney is easy.   For a conservative, the choice is a true test—a trial waged in the heart of man spilling across the pages of our conscience.

We know Mitt Romney is not conservative. 

I will vote for Romney, conservative voters will say reluctantly.  Dissatisfied with both candidates, Obama and Romney, they will vote the lesser of two evils. Their grief from having lost their first-choice candidate to the Republican primary process will finally rest upon the last stage of acceptance.   At least Romney is better than Obama, many conservatives will rationalize.  And off they go, off to throw away another precious ballot.

Is that right?

Of course you cannot vote for Obama.  Obama is a Marxist.  A Socialist.  He is the ideological anti-thesis of conservatism and our nation’s founding principles.  

I have nothing against Romney personally.  In fact, I have a geat deal of respect for his commitment to public service, his financial success, and his commitment to his faith and family.  I have enormous respect for his wife, Ann Romney.  Mitt Romney seems to be a really nice guy.  Yes, he inherited a ton of money and professional contacts from his father.  So what.  Good for him.  I know lots of people who inherited a fortune of opportunities and blew it, failed, squandered it, and burned their lives to the ground.  At least Mitt made good on his good fortune.  But, I can’t vote for him.

I have to cast my one-and-only 2012 U.S. Presidential election vote for a conservative candidate.  A candidate who in my opinion will reignite the torch of individual liberties our founders established.  I will have to write-in my candidate.

“Oh, you wasted your vote!”  you proclaim righteously.  “Oh, that’s indirectly a vote for Obama,” you accuse.  “If everyone did that, Obama will win for sure.  We can’t afford another four years of Obama,” you predict.  And indeed your proclamation, accusation, and prediction will be correct.  Obama will, and would likely, win the election if conservative voters like me “throw away” our votes on a write-in candidate.

Do you presume I am acting stubborn?  Certain I must be a sore loser whose first-choice candidate lost the nomination in the primary elections?  You would be wrong.  I am neither crazy, nor stubborn, nor spiteful.  I am conservative. 

I am neither fatalistic, nor resigned to Obama winning.  I am definitely not so cruel as to hope for, wish for, or act to hasten the imminent collapse of our nation’s economy.  Nope.  My reasons are heart and conscience.

So you surmise, Romney will lose if the ticket is split—split with write-in candidates from large blocks of conservative voters like me.  Yes, very likely that would happen.  President Obama would win re-election.  Another four years of Obama. 

As for Conscience.  Why would I “throw away” my vote like that?  On the contrary, I would be throwing away my vote if I voted against my core values and principles.  I cannot in good conscience give my vote to either Obama or Romney.  They do not agree with, nor defend, my values.  I will not compromise my values, principles, faith, or conscience—no matter how dire the consequences. 

A great depression is unfolding.  Nothing and no one can or will prevent the imminent collapse of our economy.  Not Romney.  Not Obama.  (Incidentally, Obama did not cause the coming economic tsunami.  It has been swelling for decades.  There’s a lot of blame to go around.) 

As for Heart.  Know this.  The time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils is now.  I must, and I will, vote my conscience.  If the outcome of such an action results in Obama winning re-election, so be it.  It’s time for our nation to grow up.  Take our lumps.    Take a licking.  And learn from our mistakes.  America, you want Obama?  Vote.  Let us be reminded forever that votes have consequences.  Enough baby talk(aka political correctness).  Time to stand again as the brave.  Stand and take it in the face.  Face the sunlight of truth.  Let the chips fall where they may.  All I know to do is humbly do right by my conscience, and leave the results up to God.

Stand steadfast patriots.  Have heart.  A storm is coming.  For if we coddle ourselves with falsehoods, avoid the obvious, treat the symptom and not the illness, for ever more, we will indeed come to the end when this nation can never again carry Liberty’s torch.


(Edited 06-23-2012)


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