Democrat Debate was a Trail of Tears


In my previous post I rated the five Democrat candidates’ performances in their first presidential debate. (To read the post click HERE.) In this post I want to express my overall impression of the debate.

Frankly, watching the Democrat debate made me feel very sad for our country. I understand the CNN studio audience was full of enthusiastic Democrats rooting for their candidates. Naturally. I also know that their enthusiasm was shared by millions of American TV viewers that evening. Each time I heard the studio audience rise up cheering and applauding their candidate’s Leftist socialist agenda—an agenda openly and joyously contrary to our country’s Constitution and Founding principles—it stabbed me deeply over and over again. (Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Amen)

Many of today’s Democrats are unaware the evil they are supporting; what their party has become. The Leftist utopian socialism is ultimately bent on supplanting God with government. All of history tells us the same story: big government begets bigger government; bigger government begets centralized government; centralized government begets oppressive government; oppressive government begets tyranny. Tyranny begets strife, division, injustice, envy, fear, ignorance, immorality, sloth, corruption, bondage, war, and death. Does that sound like utopia?

As Owen Wilson’s character said in Armageddon, summing up expectations for landing on the meteor: “OK. So, the scariest environment imaginable. That’s all you gotta say. Scariest environment imaginable.”

There is not a single nation in the history of man who escaped the alluring promise, nor the malevolent consequences of centralized government. Last night I watched Clinton, Sanders, and the candidates peddling the same utopian tranquilizer guaranteed peoples of nations since time immemorial.

It’s true; the media, academia, and Hollywood are dripping with Leftist ideologues. It’s true; they in turn have poisoned generations of Americans young and old. I rail against the Leftist media and academia at length on this website. However, the root cause of America’s “progression” away from her Founding principles runs deeper than the media and academia. Indelibly deeper.

This so-called modern “progression” away from principles of God-given unalienable individual rights, rule of law, limited government, and free enterprise is not isolated to the 20th century. It is not, as Progressive Leftists claim, modern evidence mankind is destined to progress from individualism to collectivism, capitalism to socialism, nationalism to globalism, industrialism to environmentalism.

The poison of the Left—an intoxicating sweet poison—has been cunningly working against man’s better judgement and common sense since the Garden of Eden. The condition of man was indelibly etched on mankind by Adam and Eve. Original sin. We cannot shake it. It is etched on the heart of every human being. We cannot rid ourselves of it. Original sin will be with us until the end of this age.

Hence, our human condition is NOT one of “progressing” or “evolving” steadily toward a man-made utopia. Actually, the opposite is true. Our human condition is one of steadily regressing and devolving—an inclination toward strife, division, injustice, envy, fear, ignorance, immorality, sloth, corruption, bondage, war, and death.

Kindness, love, forgiveness, generosity, tolerance, gentleness, justice, freedom and peace are actually exceptions to the natural conditions of the human experience.

America’s Founding principles of life, liberty, and property is a condition contrary to our sinful nature and human history. That’s what makes the Founding of America so completely unique and miraculous in the history of mankind. What are the chances of America happening? One in a million?

The Left is hell-bent on dragging this miracle of history—America—down into the dustbin of failed states. They are so blinded by pride (as Satan is) that they honestly believe their “sophisticated and enlightened” central government will succeed where all others have failed. They have convinced themselves that America’s prosperity today is the perfect springboard to launch and finally achieve their socialist utopia. Their pride is as staggering as it is dangerous.

Watching the Democrat debate this week was like watching monstrously arrogant spoiled brats tear apart a beautiful baby, limb from limb.

Of itself, there is no hope for mankind. Our only hope rests in the tender love, mercy, and grace of our Heavenly Father. In Him rests all hope. And so we say, IN GOD WE TRUST.




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Our American Brother, the Atheist

America was founded on Judeo/Christian values.  Our Founders were devout men of God.  Prayerful men and women.  Humble.  God-fearing.  Many were ministers, pastors.  They were Bible-thumping, Scripture-quoting, church goers.  The works of our Founders are replete with reference to and reverence for God.  We believe God gave us our rights, not man, not government.  Unalienable rights—rights only God can take away from us.

But what of our brother countrymen, the American atheists?  What about our agnostics, our non-religious, our non-believers?  Where do they stand?  What place have they in our Judeo/Christian nation?  The atheist cries out, “Where is my freedom from your religion?”

In America, you are free to believe or not believe in God. But there is no such protection or “freedom” from religion in America.

Still, the atheist claims, “Why should I be subject to the traditions, philosophies, or values of any religion?  I do not believe rights come from a god.  I shouldn’t have to believe what you believe.”

Indeed you don’t.

“Then why,” the atheist continues, “should I be subject to your brand of religion?  The religion of our Founders.  Unalienable rights?  I believe in human rights, but not unalienable rights.”

America is not a religion-free country. America is not a sterile faith-free zone.  We are not purely a secular society.  Nations are nations because of people.  People’s beliefs, customs, values and traditions shape the culture of a nation, found the culture of nations, change the culture of nations.

As long as people believe in God, believe God is our Creator, that He fashioned each of us with love, purpose, and intention, that we are eternal creations who transcend this world at our death, and remain personally accountable for our actions here and hereafter, the people of a nation will exult God above all things, including one’s nation, and even one’s self.  Our Founders just wanted a place where they and we could freely believe and worship the God of our choosing, unencumbered by government.

The majority of our Founders were Christians.  The majority of Americans today are Christians.  Until atheism becomes the majority “religion” you atheists might remind yourselves that today’s majority believe you have unalienable rights, and those God-given rights include your right to deny the existence of God.  Contrast that against your hopes for a nation dominated by atheists, sanitized of religion. Envision a nation where rights are given to you and taken away from you by man, by the whim of government.  Such a nation may be no more tolerant of your right to agree than your right to disagree.

Better to be lost to God than found by man.

Let’s get through this walk hand-in-hand with love and tolerance.




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Someone Had to Say It.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian values.  That does not mean America is a Judeo-Christian nation.  We are a nation of all faiths, and no faiths.  We are a nation of believers, and sceptics, and non-believers.  We are free as individuals to worship as we please, or not at all, public and private.

Here are a few Judeo-Christian values:

  • There is only one God.
  • God is good, all powerful, perfect love, and merciful.
  • God created heaven and the universe.
  • God is constant, unchanging.
  • God created man and woman in His image.
  • All God’s creation has value.
  • God values man and woman above all His creations.
  • The Jews are chosen by God for a divine purpose.
  • God reveals Himself when and where He wishes.
  • God is greater than evil.
  • God allows evil to exist in our world.
  • Good and evil are knowable, identifiable.
  • Good should be embraced, evil rejected.
  • We were created to glorify Him, though He does not need our glorification.
  • The Ten Commandments are for our benefit, not God’s.
  • God gave us free will, instincts, reason, and unalienable rights.
  • Among our unalienable rights are life, liberty, and property.
  • No individual has the right to infringe on the rights of others.
  • I am at liberty to believe in God, or reject Him.
  • All men and women are God’s children, created equal.
  • Rule of law.
  • The government shall rule by consent of the people.
  • Man’s nature is fallen, sinful, constant, predictable.
  • Adults accept responsibility for their decisions.
  • Virtue and character matter.
  • Without a moral compass, a free people cannot stand.
  • God has a plan for each of us and His world.

Make no mistake; this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values.  And these values are not shared universally.  We Constitutional Conservatives intend to keep our Founding values.

If those values disagree with you violently, perhaps you will be happier if you voluntarily move to a different country.

If you want to stay and make America a better place, then stay.

If you want to make America a different place, then go.  Just leave.  And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Someone had to say it.




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Socialism Persecutes Christianity

Israel is the cradle of Christianity.  Europe would certainly be its home town.  America might then be considered its home away from home—its college town, the big city.

Most grown kids don’t move back home after college.   They enjoy their freedom, find hope, imagine a bright future of opportunities, make a new life for themselves, never returning to the dreary stifling confines and baggage-laden family in-fighting left behind.

Europe today is the armpit of Christianity.  An empty hollow shell of itself.  A collection of little countries puzzle-pieced together by centuries of war.  Countries adorned with quaint ruins of towering Cathedrals.  Empty cathedrals.  Empty pews.  Empty Masses and empty services.

Hundreds of years ago Christianity thrived in Europe.  With it came a common sense of morality, a moral compass, compassion, charity, clarity of good and evil, a cause that gave a person’s life direction and purpose and meaning, mutual respect, community, along with literacy, hospitals, colleges, and the underpinnings of common law.  And yes, science.  Science owes a great debt to Christianity.  As well as the many of the great works of art standing today—paid for by Sunday goers dropping meager donations in the offering plate.  Great masterpieces still stand today thanks to the protection of churches.

But the churches are abandoned today in Europe.  Empty.  The religion of Christianity has been abandoned for the religion of “the state”—secularism.  More specifically socialism.  The greater foothold socialism found in Europe, the smaller the foothold of Christianity.

It’s a power struggle.  The state grows ever more hungry for power.  And the allegiance of Christians to the teachings of Christ is a power the state wants.  The state wants your complete undivided allegiance.  If they can’t force it out of you over night, they will teach it out of you over time.

See this happening in America, Christianity’s college town, home away from home.  Socialism has been rising in America, gaining a secure foothold over the last 100 years.  The state is coming for your religion.  Socialism is usurping Christianity.  Secularism is squelching  spirituality.

Government always seeks power, and control is how they secure it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not moving back “home to mom and dad.”  God bless ‘em, but we’re adults now and have my own digs.

Socialism and Christianity don’t live well together.


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