Boehner Throws Tea Party Under the Bus

Boehner never had the votes.  The Senate and House voted yesterday passing a bill allowing a temporary budget to reopen federal services and increasing our debt limit.  ObamaCare was off the table; it stands unchanged.  Both the Senate and House passed the bill by a wide margin.  Of the 100 Senate votes, only 18 were “no” votes.  Of the 435 House votes, only 144 were “no” votes.  House Speaker Boehner, a Republican, never had the necessary votes to negotiate changes to ObamaCare. There were never enough conservative Tea Party Republicans to slow, halt, or reject ObamaCare outright.  Yet the Tea Party was blamed wholesale for the recent government shut down and the unnerving of stock markets worldwide.  It’s the Speaker of the House’s prerogative when to introduce bills to the floor of the House allowing all Representatives to vote on a bill. Speaker Boehner chose not to bring a fully funded ObamaCare bill to a vote in the House because he knew it could pass from day one.  Instead, he created a crisis by refusing to allow a vote, claiming he sided with a tiny minority, House Tea Party Republicans, rejecting ObamaCare.  Boehner did all this even though he knew he could never persuade liberal Republicans to join him. Which begs the question, why?  What was Speaker Boehner holding out for?  Why the political brinksmanship?  What purpose did all the drama serve?  Boehner never had the votes, the political muscle, to force a compromise on ObamaCare in the House.  The Senate would have been impossible.  Boehner was bluffing with a pair of 2s, which is OK as long as no one knows you only have a pair of 2s.  Everyone knew Boehner was holding a pair of 2s.  And he knew they knew. President Obama is in his last term of office.  Boehner did not gin-up this crisis to discredit Obama ahead of a presidential election.  Boehner himself is not in political trouble at home, so we know he wasn’t trying to bolster his own political capital. I suspect the reason Baehner manufactured this crisis is the 2016 presidential election.  Baoehner is looking ahead to 2016, paving the way for a Republican victory to take back the White House.  To do that, Boehner believes he needs to destroy the Republican Tea Party. Boehner has no intention of changing or halting ObamaCare.  Boehner likes ObamaCare.  Boehner had 3 years as Speaker to defund, change, or destroy ObamaCare.  He did nothing. I remember two weeks ago, Tea Party Republican Senator Cruz made his filibuster-like speech on the floor of the Senate.  Everyone thought it was a silly idea, but then Cruz’s commitment ignited a firestorm of enthusiasm.  Everyone was talking about defunding ObamaCare, or at least delaying the individual mandate for a year.  Then, all of a sudden Boehner threw a wet blanket on the firestorm.  All talk about ObamaCare’s obvious flaws ended.  Just ended.  Poof! Curious that. Boehner has no intentions of stopping ObamaCare.  He has every intention of a Republican winning the White House in 2016.  To do that, Boehner has to throw the Tea Party under the bus. Boehner is not a friend of the Tea Party.  Boehner is no conservative.  Boehner is a liberal Republican.  A Progressive.  He’s a rank and file Republican of the good ol’ boy order.  The Leftist media refers to him as a moderate, or centrist.  Yeah, I suppose if you were a socialist, Boehner would appear to be a centrist.  Compared to our Founding Fathers though Boehner is a Leftist Progressive at best. Boehner must get rid of the Tea Party Republicans.  For the “rank and file good ol’ boy” Republicans to win the presidential election in 2016, they must get rid of those constitutional conservative Tea Party Republicans.  To do that, Boehner must steer the blame for shutting down the government and creating a debt default crisis on the Tea Party. Oh, you say, it’s just temporary?  We get to revisit this ObamaCare battle in January or February.  Yes, and Boehner will create another “Tea Party” crisis in January/February, and another after that, and another as we get closer and closer to the 2014 congressional election.  By this time next fall everyone will hate the Tea Party.  Boehner aint stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if this plot to destroy the Tea Party was hatched by Karl Rove.

016 2013-10-18 cartoon Boehner and Reid Plotting Against Tea Pa

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